Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Homosexual Dreams


I'm sure you get these dreams often, but they're still disturbing (at least, to me). I would have dismissed this dream and what it means, but I have had two dreams now about it. Both my dreams involve my best friend and oral sex. I don't remember much about the first dream. There was no real background, no color, and it just concentrated on my friend and me as I performed oral sex on him.

The second dream involved situationally forced oral sex, where my friend and I were at his place and an armed robber (dressed up like a old western bank robber) forced his way into the apartment and eventually made us take all our clothes off. He then tied us up together in a 69 position and left us to... well, you can figure it out.

I'm heterosexual and have no interest in my friend. Why does a person have a dream of sexual interest about someone or thing s/he has no interest in real life?


Good morning, Xavier.

You may feel as if your friend (or a mutual acquaintance) has you in a compromising or embarrassing position.

The second dream's theme of forced intimacy places the situation beyond your control, and in the first you make no mention of a "69" -- your friend receives all the attention. Perhaps you are feeling as if he's in charge in this friendship, placing you in a subordinate role. Because so much of male relationships depend upon who is "alpha," when we're forced into a "beta" role it can translate into an attack upon our masculinity.

Sometimes a chance comment from a friend or relative can echo within our minds, bringing images such as this to the fore. I still feel the sting of some offhand insults from family members made in my childhood, more years ago than I care to count.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn't point out that a great many people are curious about homosexual encounters without being gay - curiosity is a human condition, and dreams allow us to explore what would otherwise be impossible or even objectionable. Thus we have dreams about flying, or about killing people, etc. This is not to say that this is the case with you; I'm only trying to give you all the options.

Odds are that these dreams are nothing to get worried about. In societies less homophobic than ours, such dreams wouldn't be given more than a second thought.

Pleasant dreams,


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