Friday, September 16, 2011

Which Pizza?

Hi Peregrin,

I had a very odd dream a couple of nights ago but in the dream it seemed to have some big *significance.

I dreamed that there were two pepperoni pizzas sitting on my counter. One pizza had really big slices but had very little pepperoni while the other pizza had small slices but had lots of pepperoni. This at the time seemed to be some VERY VERY important decision..almost felt like a life or death kinda thing..haha but anyways, I decided on the smaller slice with a lot of pepperoni because I really like pepperoni..In the dream it seemed like i debated on this for a while trying to weigh whether or not the pepperoni or the size of the pizza was the most important. I know this sounds odd but what do you think that it could mean?

Well it says in your instructions to include a little about waht's going on in my life that might help. Well i'll be 16 in a lil less than a month and I'm having doubts about mine and my boyfriend's new relationship. I'm about to go to the fair with my best friend for a week where there's a guy that i met last year that i really would like something to be going on with us and i'm really not sure what to do about it all. I think that maybe my guy situation could have something to do with this dream. The only other thing that it could possibly be about is that lately i've been trying to figure out how far exactly physically i'll let my boyfriend go with me and what i'm ok with.

It'd be great if you could help me figure this dream out...I

also had a very disturbing nightmare last night about a man trying to kill me and the man happened to be in my boyfriend's car! There was a handsome guy i seemed to really care for me comforting me through this other dream.

well anyways, thank u

Have a good day!


Good morning, Holly.

Your pizza choice seems to be one of quality over quantity. In general, you are expressing a preference of small amounts of something you enjoy more, rather than greater amounts of something that elicits a lesser response.

This dream can apply to your situation either way, so far as I can see. If we compare the pizzas to the guys in your life, then it kind of depends upon which pizza represents each guy. The dream is saying, pick the one you like better, even if it means less time (smaller pieces) spent with him. Pepperoni is a spicier pizza - which relationship has more "spice" for you?

The second dream that you related could be saying that you don't feel entirely secure with your current boyfriend, and it certainly does sound like you're not certain of this relationship, and may be looking for an alternative.

Speaking purely as a father, it's very good that you are thinking about how far (physically) you are comfortable going. Set your limits when you are not making out, and stick with them when you are. There is time later to decide to go further, but this is one decision that cannot be reversed if you go too far.

Good luck to you, and pleasant dreams.


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