Monday, August 15, 2011

A New Life

Good morning, Dreamers.

Here is another of my own dreams. To take a shot at translating, just click on the "comments" link, or send an email, and fire away!

Pleasant dreams,


As she left the family reunion, she knew without being told where her new home was. An unknown agent had given her a new life, supposedly a better one, but she still mostly remembered how things used to be.

Normally, both her son and daughter would go home with her, and the drive would be long. Now, she only had to drive a couple of blocks, and her daughter went home with her ex-husband -- who now only lived a block away.

The house was a beautiful surprise. It was almost a mansion. She could never afford such a thing on her salary. Suddenly she knew that the promotion she had lost a month before was now hers.
But her son was very glum. Did he, too, remember how it used to be, or was his mood a part of the change?

As far as she could see, this was better for all of them. More money for the things they wanted, easier visitation for both kids, both ways.

'Give it a little time,' she thought. She wasn't sure that she wanted this life yet, but even more, she wasn't sure that she had a choice.


In this dream, I was the woman, but it was another in which the entire thing was in story form, with no volition on my part.

What do you think?

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