Monday, February 28, 2011

Shot In Class

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream in which a guy I know repeatedly shoots me with a shotgun and pistol in a classroom. I fall and blood is everywhere and I cant move but it does not hurt. Then, the weird part comes. I wake up, but I am still in my dream. I am in the classroom and I run out before I die. But then I am outside and it feels like I am in a video game.

thanks for any help


Friday, February 25, 2011

Evil Husband

Dear Peregrin,

I have noticed on a few sites that you interpret dreams. I myself don't remember my dreams but my wife does and what I would like to know is why she would have negative dreams about me every night? She never has a dream where I do something good or positive, now she is dreaming that I am the devil himself, she has also dreamed that I am a murderer and the list goes on and on.

We have a very happy, loving life and there are no conflicts between us so I am very curious as to why she would constantly dream of me like this.

Thanks so much for your time.


Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Hello! Peregrin Walker,

The dream that I had last night, was about J- who was a guy that I dated last year. In my dream I had called him and he was given me directions to his new place. Then the dream took me to where we were both laying down in his bed dressed. And he was apologizing to me for hurting me and wanted to get back together. But my response to him.. Why did he do it in the 1st place and woke up.. Could you please explain to me the reason for this dream?



Monday, February 21, 2011

Learning To Fly

Dear Peregrin,

I cannot remember the exact details, however, I dreamed that I was flying above a city skyline. I knew this because I saw the tops of buildings and skyscrapers. I was being led by someone who was adapted to flying, as this was my first experience. This person held my hand and talked to me in a soothing manner, I trusted this person, I felt at peace. This person seemed to be teaching and telling me something very important, but I cannot remember what it was. What I do remember is that I understood each word and every direction this person guided me to look at.

When I awoke, I felt lightheaded and at peace; my limbs felt like they had been asleep.

What do you think about this dream?

(related information: I'm excited about taking a week's vacation)



Friday, February 18, 2011

Airplane Crashes

Dear Peregrin,

Hard to describe, I dream of airports, One instance I dreamed of an old single seat plane that I watched crash in front of me and the body plop out dead.

Another instance I dreamed I was in a commercial plane that seemed to have descended rapidly I remember seeing tips of trees then all of a sudden the plane made a sharp bank and landed in a field that seemed to come from nowhere. Later I realized that we had run out of fuel not knowing until we landed.

Another instance was a military type airport where I would watch planes take off of a very shot runway, Well I watched one fighter plane crash into a bank at the end of this short runway not having enough power for lift.

Other dreams I remember pieces mainly Senses, Like the other night I remember being at a airport, I remember a sense of anxiety of having to get on a plane.

I have not been in a plane that crashed only witnessed it. In real life I have traveled on airplane. It's not so bad the problem with these dreams is making me nervous to fly though.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

My boyfriend is a marine in Iraq. In my dream i went to his house to visit his mom. But he answered the door and told me that he had been home for a while now and he didn't call me because he didn't want to see me. The scene changed to the bathroom and as he was getting into the shower i asked him "Do you still want to be with me?" and he answered with "No."


Monday, February 14, 2011

Flying With Icarus

Dear Peregrin,

When I was very young (adolescent years) I always had dreams that I was flying. The first time I remember dreaming about this was when I was really young. These dreams always seemed to keep with me.. I always remembered them. This dream was with my father holding me up in the air and swinging me around and then he would let me go and I would start flying.

Later on, my dream wouldn't be with him holding me, but I would be in the back yard, and I would jump up or run, and that is how I would fly. I remember feeling that these dreams were very real, even though I knew it couldn't have happened. I always felt very relaxed and light when I dreamt these dreams. IT was like I was at peace during this time. I would always fly around my neighborhood and it was always fun. All throughout my childhood, I always wished I could fly. I wished I could just pick and fly away whenever I wanted to.

I don't have those dreams anymore, although I wish I did, they were always fun, relaxing, and full of imagination.


Jo Mama

Friday, February 11, 2011

Divine Embrace

Dear Peregrin,

Once, I dreamed that I made contact with a very high being. There was not much detail to the dream except I met a being that was scarcely of human form, but we communicated without speaking and "she" knew all about me and forgave and loved. All this information was exchanged with an embrace which sent me to spiritual bliss. When I awoke I felt that I had made contact with an immortal being and that it was more than just a dream-- something real had happened, perhaps on another plane.


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Do You Do It?

Dear Peregrin,

I like your translations and wonder if you have any formal education concerning the subject of dreams. When you do a translation do you see or feel anything about the person whose dream you are working with. Curious and wanting to learn more about Dreams.



Monday, February 7, 2011

Lost Truck

Dear Peregrin,

I am teaching at a school where I used to work, but the building is more like that of a church I used to attend as a child. I am looking through the halls into the classrooms. I see one of my students from last year sitting at a teacher's desk, smiling. I see a teacher from my old school. She is upset because one of her student's parents is suing the school. They were suing because the child had suffered several broken bones while at school. I went into the classroom of another teacher that I used to work with. I feel like I was looking for my students. I vaguely remember being in my room for a short time. I recall that there were a lot of big windows. I remember two teacher desks. The students seemed larger than my students. When I left the school building and looked back, it really looked like my old church. The parking lot was like the parking lot at my church. I was looking for my white pick up truck (my husband really has one). The parking lot was about half empty, but there were a lot of white trucks. I kept thinking that I saw mine, but as I would get closer, would realize it was not. One truck in particular I thought was mine. When I got right up to it, it was really blue. There were two people in it. They were laughing, but not at me, I don't think. I thought to myself how stupid I was for thinking that a blue truck was mine. I went into the back parking lot. This was unlike any parking lot I am familiar with. I was thinking that my husband picked up my Honda and left me the truck, so he might have parked it out back. I saw the two teachers again, that I had seen earlier. They asked me what I was looking for. I do not remember their responses when I told them. They left. It seemed as if everyone was leaving. I was beginning to feel panicky. I saw a custodian walking around, and remember thinking that my husband would not like it if he gave me a ride home. I was wondering how I could get home. I wanted to call my husband to come and get me. At that point I woke up.

I am aware that I am searching for an answer to a problem in my life. I am trying to find some clues in my dreams. They all seem to indicate poor communication (which is the basis of my problem - I am unable to locate someone that I need to communicate with). Any suggestions as to possible solutions being offered will be greatly appreciated.


Friday, February 4, 2011

Skeleton Crew

Dear Peregrin,

My girlfriend had this dream that was I guess different from any other dream she's had in a long while. We've been going out for only about two months if that helps here it is.

She was on an island and her her brother (the only person she recognized)were all getting on a ship. The captain told them that the ship might not make it to where they were going and it may sink. But they went anyway , so they were getting on there life jackets and the ship took off. a little while later an engine blew and it began to sink so they were all jumping off they swam back to shore, and rented a small boat. The driver was a skeleton with one eye and blood all over his face. They were at sea for quite awhile she was staring at this little thing that told them how many miles they went, then they stopped at an island to get gas. It was a spooky island and it had a queen the queen got mad so they all wanted to leave quickly. On the little boat again there was a little boy with a walkie talkie trying to call for help. He had a mother with him. then the skeleton driver told the mother that if she didn't leave the boy on the island he wouldn't drive them back. So the mother put the boy in a hospital an injected him with a sickness so he would die. My girlfriend said she was thinking 'geez what a bitch how terrible,' and she watched the mother inject him and she was thinking 'noooooo'. Then they started to leave and they hit something and went flying forward and then she woke up. I hope you can give me some insight.

Thank you.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Never Remember My Dreams

Dear Peregrin,

I never remember my dreams. Is there anything I can do?

More Dreamers Than I Can Count