Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I was walking along and I saw a few people gathered around a car. I went over to have a look I went round to the drivers side and Jake my ex boyfriend was sitting in it. He asked how I was and said that i looked nice. I said thanks and asked him if he could take me for a spin, but we didnt we went for a walk instead. As we were walking he put his arm around me and I could really feel myself getting nervous because I still really like him.


Good morning, Laura.

For the most part, this does look like simple wish fulfillment - you do still like Jake and would like to get back together. But what I find significant here is that you went for a walk rather than ride in the car. It's a positive sign, because Jake isn't "taking you for a ride" -- meaning, it's likely that he's being straightforward with you. It also means that, should you decide to re-open your relationship with him, it's best to go slowly.

Pleasant dreams,


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