Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt I was trapped in a lake of some sort with a strong current it was really pulling. All I had to hold on to was a thin rope. There was a ladder extended to the tip of the water and as I came close to grab the current changed and I was put further away while still clinging to this rope -then I woke up


Friday, January 28, 2011

Worms For Sale

Hi there!

I had a dream that I went swimming in the nude in the lake and I saw a sign in the lake by where I was swimming that said worms for sale. So I got out of the water went in a bar near there covered up in my towel and looked for my friends they were gone, but the one had my make up so I thought maybe she left it there. So I looked around for it but the only thing I found was a couple pairs of earings. They were kind of rank though. So I just left them the phone ran and I got it in my dream and then woke up to the phone ringing. Can you tell me what this means?


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Rotten Eggs

Dear Peregrin,

My mom had just passed away (murdered) and I started to have nightmares. I find myself sitting and taking to my mother in our apartment and there's an old woman at the door knocking. She needs a place to stay for a few days. My mom lets her stay with us. The old woman brings in her large suitcase and places it in the bedroom closet door. We didn't even have to tell her where to go. After a few days I notice a difference in my mother, even in myself and the way I feel, but mostly my mother has changed. I can't figure out what it is, but it's definitely bad. The old woman is very dirty...always, but she holds her head up high and she is very dominating. It's as if she starts to control everything. I tell her I want her out. She leaves, but without her suitcase. I have a big fear about the suitcase. I really need to know what is inside it so I run inside the closet and open it. Terror strikes me. The suitcase is filled with eggs, soft shell...boiled but not hardboiled, yolks are getting squashed all over my hands. It feels horrible. The eggs have some sort of significance. I run outside to my mother with an egg and show it to her, she begins to frantically fidget, scream, point, yell...."She's here.. She's here..." while she is pointing to the floor directly beside her. The evil is in the air and the old woman is the evil. She wants to take over my mother. I was strong and helped her as much as I could. It didn't work. Then I woke up.


Monday, January 24, 2011

Space Travel

Dear Peregrin,

In the dream, I fall asleep and travel across the universe, totally aware of the distances and speed. I travel past indescribable beauties and star systems. And as I begin to near this particular galaxy, I fall into the stars system and come to a planet, reddish in color, and with lots of white misty clouds. There is another race of beings there and I converse with them, without speaking, more with telepathy. I never remember anything that is said, and I say my goodbyes to them, they always give me something, but I never remember what it is when I wake up. And each time I have had this dream, I wake up very refreshed and rested. The race is tall and gray looking, not at all like the aliens depicted in movies or books. More like senior citizens and not in the least bit threatening. I am never afraid of going there, and I have never had the dream when I don't "fly" back (as I have never awakened before the dream concludes.) I am not in a ship, just my body and I just fly away, and in the dream it is always night time, because I see the stars before I begin flying into space. Am I weird or just have an overactive imagination?

Cybertooth Tiger

Friday, January 21, 2011

Robbed by Vin Deisel

'Dear Peregrin,

Hey, for the past week or so I have been have 2 dreams that keep happening within different situations, I thought they were just weird dreams at first, but then I saw a pattern.

The first dream was:

I was my age now and with my friend I went to visit my old neighborhood. A kid approached me and called out my name, I asked him who he was and he told me he used to play by the tennis courts while I played "over there" and he pointed to the steps. So then I crossed the street with my friend and we went up a hill, once we got up the hill the young kid who spoke to me earlier go transformed into a 30 year old and he had 4 friends with him. They started to rob me and my friends, at first they went for my necklace and I begged for them not to take it because it wouldnt have been worth anything, just sentimental value, and they took it anyway. Then they took something from my friend and they wer going to take my ring that my ex boyfriend gave me and I told them to hold on a second. I walked 5 steps backwards and right there, around the corner was a group of reporters. I said help help as the robbers came around the corner and one of the reporters took out a gun. He started shooting and killed the reported while me and my friend escaped. We ran and the scenery changed we went into some really white apartement building and we ran to the top in order to get to the roof but there were no doors. We started going down the stairs and the robbers were going up...we were approx. 1 floor away from each other and I started panicking, then I decided id just try random doors, and on the 3rd try the door opened. I ran into the paratement and there was a man sitting on the couch while his wife was in the middle of the living room talking on the phone. We told them the story and they let us stay.

The next day we decided to go out, and this 5 story building turned into 137 story building. We went up and at every story that we stopped at we thought the robbers were there so we kept pressing buttons in the elevator.

We finally got to the roof and started walking, suddenly one of the robbers said "stop right there" and instead of stopping my friend and I started running, he shot his gun and hit my friend in her behind. Then someone near by called the cops and they got there immediately. they arrested the robbers, out of which one of the was Van Diesel..he was laughing and said to one of his friend something like "I shot her in the ass...hahahaha!" Then I turned to him and said "soon you will be getting it in the ass" and then I woke up half chuckling.

LAST NIGHT I had a dream about someone stealing my watch and my rings, basically robbing me again...

Another dream I had was of my off and on boyfriend. I keep having dreams of him and other girls, especially girls online. Like he talks to them and sends them pictures of his naked self. I am in these dreams too and I tell him that it bothers me, so he tries to hide it from me, and I still discover it somehow. then a few times in different dreams I walked in on him cheating on me, and instead of doing anything I made sure that he saw my face as I walked out...

Now I never really remember my dreams, but for the past week I keep remembering these...



Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Vivid and Realistic

Dear Peregrin,

I've been having some really strange dreams lately. From what I can remember, I rarely dream of other people and when I do they're not as real as these past few have been. This started a few months ago and it's a total of 3 dreams in all, all about the same person. To give you some background, the dreams are all about a boy named D-. I like him very much and he likes me, but not as much as I like him. I've known him and have been talking to him on the internet for about 4 years now and he's about to go into the Army as an MP, and will be gone for the entire summer. I also work at a convenience store that also makes and sells food (kind of like a 7-11, but better). Ok, here is the 1st dream. There's a shopping center near my house, I was there. There was some kind of party, reminded me a lot like a prom. Very dark, some bright lights, dancing and I was in a tux. I then come home and in my neighborhood there seems to be a block party. There are people everywhere. I go up to my house and there's this guy there I went to high school with (I used to have a crush on him). There's also like a portable bar where my driveway would have been. I go into my house, trying to hide the fact that I'm wearing a tux from my mom. She doesn't seem to notice it and says nothing about it. I go up to my room, change clothes, go outside to the bar, but he's packing up to leave. I'm supposed to be meeting D- at that shopping center for some reason. I then get a call saying that he's not coming. We talk for a bit, mostly me trying to convince him to come down even for a little bit. Then all of a sudden I hear, "No! Mom!" I also hear her slapping him (his dad is a bit abusive, which is why he now lives with his grandmother). I'm on the other end of line going crazy, yelling "Are you ok?!" I then wake up and I was very upset. The feeling stuck with me for a long time.

In the second dream, I'm in my room and I look out my back window (from my back window I can see the back of the house on the opposite side of the block), and I see him in one of the windows over there. So I turn away to do something, I look again, and the house has moved, it's now closer to my house. Close enough for us to talk without having to talk too loud. Then suddenly the back of that house is touching the back of my house. So he climbs through the windows and is in my room. We then go to my mom's room and start kissing on the bed. The last thing I remember before waking up is that he has his shirt off and I'm kissing his chest and stomach. The funny thing about this dream is that when I woke up, and for days afterward, I could still feel his tounge inside my mouth, like the texture of it and all.

The 3rd and final dream (so far), I'm in a strange house, and in the living room, I'm ringing up customer who are buying products. I can't remember what the products are, but there was a cash register there. There were also no products in the house. It's as if they were bringing up stuff out of nowhere. Suddenly someone stole something and I had to get out from behind the couch and run after them. It seemed that I couldn't move fast enough to catch the girls and there were just so many obstacles in my way. Out front it was like a parking lot. It looked a lot like the front of the store I work at. Anyway, I go back inside and I'm getting ready to close down the store (if that's what it was). Then I go into the next room and D- is sitting on the couch in there watching TV. I put my head on his chest and my hand on his stomach. He seems a bit put off by it for a few seconds, but then is ok with it. Like he was shocked I put hand on his stomach. We stay like that for not that long then I have to get up to check on "the store" to make sure it's securely closed and I kiss him. Then I wake up, but when I woke up I just remember his lips feeling so soft, like the last dream.

I guess my question is what do you think these dreams all mean. Also, why can I still have those senses long after I wake up, and why do these ones stick with me, above all the other dreams I have.

Thank you.


Monday, January 17, 2011

Magic Mouth Stuff

Dear Peregrin,

I was given this magic stuff that you keep in your mouth....if you took it out then bad stuff would happen to you. Some friends were in the dream and they had swallowed it, and one had lost a baby. I was afraid to swallow it, and I woke up thinking I did.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Sea Cruise

Dear Peregrin,

Out of all the people in my family who passed away, I have had a hard time dealing with the death of my grandfather, I called him poppa. I am 30 years old and he passed away over a year ago. I dream of him about once a month. In this dream my family was on a cruise ship on the way to Canada. Something was wrong with the way it was taking too long to get there so my poppa said that we can swim to shore faster than wasting our time on this ship. He was trying to decide if we should really jump off. Then we both jumped off and swam to shore. We went walking through unfamiliar towns, yet he claimed he knew where he was going and he took me to a few restaurants for a quick sandwiches. He also was holding my hand down the street even though he never would do that when he was alive. He loved me more than the world but was afraid it would "look funny" to other people.


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Nuclear Bomb


i have been having a recurring dream for around a year to a year and a half, they became more often when i was pregnant.

They differ slightly each time, but the theme ultimately is the same.
I am always on my own in the dream, when a bomb siren goes off, i am aware before this of the threat of a nuclear bomb. I then have to hurry to get to my home, on the way, seeing abandoned houses, cars, people hiding under cars ect. I hurry to get home which takes forever. its like i am being chased by the clock.

I always manage to get home, and shelter, and be with my family. The nuclear bomb never goes off as i wake before it does. The threat of it is enough.

What is this recurring dream telling me? how do i make it stop?

Thank you for any help you can give me,


Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Horse Barn

Dear Peregrin,

Had a dream that I visited a relatives house and they took me to look at their new horse barn, It was like a mansion, varnished wood floors, mahogany floors and stalls, grandfather clocks in some of the stalls, and some stalls actually set up like peoples bedrooms (Real beds etc.) We walked around and everyone acted like this was a normal horse barn.

I have a cousin who is thinking about building a new barn, but I don't think he's going to make it into a mansion.

Joe Is Me

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Look At The UFO

On Jan. 01 I had a dream about UFOs; this is my first time having a dream like this. Most of my dreams that I can recall doesn't involve UFOs.

The dream started off with me, my little brother and an old elementary school friend. I spotted the UFO first in the middle of the day, and the UFO start to head towards my direction.(The UFO was about the size of a mini mother ship) For some reason I was frightened and went inside, my little brother followed but the UFO took my friend away. The next thing I remember is myself going to my room looking out my window spotting the same(or similar) UFO half way behind a mountain, I noticed other people around the block seeing it and taking pictures, I also wanted to do the same, but I had to go out and take it because it was flying off. Once I had the clear view of the UFO outside again, for some reason it made a U-turn heading back to my direction, I went back inside of course.

This part of my dream started to make no sense to me. A part of my house start to break off and hovered into the sky with the UFO.(In the broken part of the house the UFO took my little brother, my father, and myself, my mother was not in the dream) I was still determined to take my photo, but every time I tried the UFO would attack with lasers. I eventually gave up and had some struggle staying on the safer side of the house, due to the attacks. The part of the house eventually landed in a shopping mall/mini amusement part. The UFO was still following my family so, I scrambled out hiding in the crowd of people, my little brother, and father was not seen again in my dream. I stayed in a store for a while hoping the UFO would have left. As I left the store I still kept walking with groups of people, and staying under a roof.

I eventually ran into a group of five people, I can't recall myself speaking to them in this part of the dream, but it was like we knew each other and had the similar problem with the UFO. At this point I believe I got myself to understand that if I looked at this particular UFO it would come after you. I tried my best not to look up at the sky, but I caught the UFO in the corner of my eye and it started to coming towards my group.(by now the UFO grew in size of wave swinger) We were already lined up on one of the Wave swinger rides, and we all started to hug each other show our true feeling for each other even though we met not so long ago. After that we pushed and shoved in front of the line, getting on the rid so we would be under the Wave swinger, hoping the UFO wouldn't be able to take us. Well it did anyways.

From here it started to get side track and probably isn't important. I'm just wondering what this part of the dream above means.

On Dec. 31 I did take photos of the sky catching something I didn't see up there, but I didn't take it too seriously. Other than that I finished high school not so long ago, and getting ready for College.


Monday, January 10, 2011

My Kitten

Dear Peregrin,

I recently got a kitten 4 months ago..I am an extreme animal lover..I dreamt last night that my kitten died..and we went to bury it,it was this little coffin like casket filled with water that we put the cat into..This is leaving me extremely disturbed and I want to know what it means...Please help!!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Scandalous Letter

Dear Peregrin,

OK. Another wacky dream I had just last night. (I've been having trouble sleeping just a little bit lately.) OK, the basis of the dream encircled around a 8-9 page letter written on a 6" x 9" memo pad (don't ask how I know that). The letter started in pencil, but ended in blue pen, which was used to emphasize the architectural drawings (which I'll explain in a moment). The letter was handwritten to two women, as if they were the same person. It was a love letter that was from this guy I've gone out with just 2 or 3 times, but who has expressed a ton of affection for me in real life, but in the dream, he was duplicitous, and the hurt feelings that were brought on by my accidentally finding this lost letter were akin to how I actually feel in real life about my ex who recently broke up with me.

The letter was found in a back seat of a car where T- was. Everyone close to me, family, close friends, family friends, knew about the letter and its contents. The later part of the letter expressed that T- didn't care for me anymore, and was even going so far as to put me down physically in a sexual manner, and comparing me to the intended of this letter. It was cruel. The earlier part of the letter was T- bragging about his add-on plans to his cottage, where he intended on meeting these two women. They were sketched blue prints.

Later in the dream, my father ends up trying to give me the letter, but the last pages that had the parts about me were missing. My mom was alive in this dream, and said that she admired my bravery (I actually ran in my house where I grew up without my clothes on!). I wanted to avoid receiving the letter and/or being confronted by my father's knowledge of this letter, so I ran to my bedroom, and along the way, closed many large doors behind me. By the time I got to my room, I recalled the scandal and secrecy of the letter, and attempted to contact T- by phone (as I've done with my ex in real life, to little avail). I left him a message, and he realized somehow that he had accidentally left a clue behihnd that revealed his lies and secrecy.

The strangest thing about this dream is, in some ways, it parallels my anxieties about my ex, but instead, I used someone who's never hurt me to play his part. Why could that be?



Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cutting Is (not) Fun

Well the dream i want to question was about 4 years ago but i have not forgotten it and was reminded by a family member when talking about dreams. I was dreaming that there was a man lying next to me in my bed. he woke me up to show that he was cutting his wrist and turned to me and smiled and told me to cut myself. he continuously told me to cut myself trying to hand me a sharp object that i really could not make out. and i can remember that he didn't even become agitated, he just kept smiling and telling me to do it and that it was fun. he got so close to me at one point that i became so uncomfortable i woke up. i of course shrugged it off and went back to sleep but this dream i just can not forget about for some reason and i could not figure out why i would dream something like that.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rat Maze

Dear Peregrin,

It was a long hallway. White (no colour whatsoever) walls, tanish tiles (assuming this colour even has a name......) can't remember the ceiling at all (was there one?) all along the walls were these metal (aluminium....the kind you find in aluminium bars) door-like slabs. They would open like the bed in an efficiency apartment (e.g. grab handle at top, pull open towards floor) there was no handle, in fact, there were no hinges either. Or even a point in space that separated the door from the wall. it was just there. they would open by seemingly random intervals. and if you happened to be near a door when it opened and went through....I don't remember what you would find but if you tried to back through the same door, you would find yourself in something other than the original hallway. there were lots of people. None of which I recognized save Zel(my best friend) who was there, "Exploring" with me. She didn't say anything, or do anything, or even show any sign of action...but she was there. almost as if I was in a rat maze, and whoever it was, was projecting her image to keep me sane. but the entire......building doesn't fit. perhaps complex? The entire place had the feel of someplace that was used to butcher animals for food. I could hear the other people talking, a mumbling sound of sorts...but no other sounds. not even my own breath. There was also another girl there. She wasn't as prevalent in the dream as Z-, and I consciously didn't recognize her...but she had a uniqueness. she wore colours that the other people didn't. (Z- wore her usual black, and I don't know what I wore...but everyone else wore a pure white T-shirt definable from the walls by texture only, and slacks that had the same effect with the colour of the floor) I can't quite remember what this girl wore...just that it was diffrent. I can't remember much about her, except that she looked Caucasian, but had features more often seen in Asians, brown hair cropped short, almost like a bowl cut. she seemed playful, almost as if she were enjoying my predicament...but not as though she had caused it. It also didn't seem as though she enjoyed me being lost in a endless and unsolvable maze, more like she enjoyed watching me struggle with a problem when the answer was painfully obvious.


Monday, January 3, 2011

Angry Protector

Dear Peregrin,

I have noticed that in every dream I've been having recently, there's is this one guy. He doesn't look to be too happy to be in my dreams. I can never see his face clearly. But he always seems mad to be in my dreams. It doesn't matter what I am doing or where I am going he's there. I get the sense that he is protecting me in some way. For example the last dream I had I was in a car accident. It was snowing, a friend from work was driving. I had just put my seat belt on as we began to flip. This guy's face flashed in my mind. Then as we were trap in this cabin he was there with me and refused to leave without me.