Friday, November 25, 2011

My Hair?

I dreamt school had started and I went there and saw some teachers back from 8th grade. One of them that used to yell at me a lot did again in the dream. I left the school and went to the store with three people I knew, just not very well. I looked around for hours trying to find some cds I wanted and they got mad at me because I took too long but I wasn't leaving until I had those cds. They left and ran and ditched me and the store manager laughed at me because my "friends" ran off on me. I pretended like I thought It was funny but was pissed and it took me 20 minutes to find my shoes but once I did I ran out. I couldn't find any of these people but I found Sara's house. (She was one of the 3 people). I went inside her house and no one was there. I went in her bathroom and saw my old haircut lying on the floor (like a wig) and put it over my current haircut and looked in the mirror. I thought it was disgusting, I never liked it anyway, and threw it on the floor.

Thank you,


Good morning, Jesser.

I see in this dream a further sense of outgrowing acquaintances and certain relationships.
You have decided that you don't want constant conflict and criticism - thus you leave when the teacher yells at you. You've left this teacher behind - you have nothing further to learn from such abuse.

Your "friends" leave you behind in the store, and you get ridiculed for that - perhaps it is perceived that they are maturing faster than you. But, when you find your old haircut in Sara's bathroom, you find that it no longer pleases you - so perhaps it is you who has changed, just at a different rate and in different ways than the people around you. While they show little perseverance, you do not want to move on until you have found exactly what you want.

Pleasant dreams,


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