Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Cheating in School

Dear Peregrin,

I have a recurring dream that my girlfriend is in school, kissing a guy that isn't me. Every time I dream it, it's always in school, but it's also always a different guy. And the guy is always a friend of ours.


Monday, September 27, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I had a vivid dream in which I was close to someone named Charlie. It is a first time ever that a name had come so clearly and if not Charlie then a name definitely starting with a c and sounding like Charlie. I found the dream a bit weird that I live in Asia, originally from US, so the Asian names I hear everyday are different. In the dream I was very very close to this person then somehow we got separated. Who do you think this person is? Will I meet this person in this lifetime? And how can I remember more? why are these dreams coming so frequently now, I have not done anything different than my normal routine.


Friday, September 24, 2010

The Crying Pool


My mom had a dream a few nights ago, and it's still on her i took it upon myself to send her dream for your interpretation..! :) she dreamt that she was sitting in a pool of warm water with her deceised father, mother and sister...and her father was crying, and sobbing...!..what could this possibly mean..?



Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Hot Dogs

Hi Peregrin,

I have had dreams in the last two days involving black dogs. In my last dream, there were three black dogs, small, medium and large in size one next to the other...they looked charred and still. In conjunction with this dream I had another dream where there was metal on the road and all the cars that rode over the metal got flat tires and were offset to the side of the road.

Currently in my life, I just started a new job and am afraid of dogs, and am working to gain more confidence.



Monday, September 20, 2010

My First Boyfriend

Dear Peregrin,

Can you please help me to interpret my dream?

it starts off when I'm at this party (it's at someone's house0 and I go into the bathroom and someone knocks on the door, so I open the door without even asking who it is, and its this guy I really want to go out with. He comes in saying he needs to talk with me, he turns his back to me and says something like " I wanted to talk to you because..well everyday in history class (im in his class with him)..I was never brave enough to ask you out and..(then he takes a drink of water and smiles, he's acting really nervous this whole time)" but I knew what he was saying (that he was going to ask me out) and immediatly I jump up and kiss him for a few seconds then I say " I was waiting for you to ask me," then he smiles and he kisses me but this time he uses his tongue and I don't think he really knew what he was doing because he was licking my lips and stuff (really gross right!) but the weird thing was I didn't even mind. Then we went out into the living room and were watching tv and we were both sitting it the same chair next to each other and I remember think that I got my first real boyfriend tonight and I was so happy.

What does this mean?



Friday, September 17, 2010

The Bride's Face

Dear Peregrin,

So I always had this dream in which I never knew who the bride was I was marrying, like she didn't have a face. So recently I met this wonderful girl and I started having the dream again. The crazy thing is now when I have the dream I can totally picture her face......what does it mean?


Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

I was walking around a town were all the people in the town were very small. I also could buy anything I wanted for 4 cents. It was strange that all I was buying is underwear.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Goth in a Yellow Dress

Dear Peregrin,

I was in a hotel room when I turned around and I was in car driving with my dad. My dad said you have to babysit. When I got to a cliff i jumped and landed in a shack with 3 kids, all girls. One was layng next to me and I kept thinking I don't want to be here. I walked out of the room and found my mom and sister and I told my mom I didn't want to watch these kids, I didn't feel safe and she said oh well you have to do it anyway. Then there were 20 kids and I was trying to remember their names when I saw a window and climbed out. On the roof was a helicopter. I go in and strapped myself in. We started to fly and the chair leaned back and started to turn. We flew very low. Then we reached a church. called Team Naz. When I got out of the copter I saw my friend Kyle who is a goth. He had his spiked hair and spikes on his arms and his boots on but he had a yellow dress with lace on. I jumped on his back and then he kissed my hand and left purple lip marks and I said cool do it here and i pointed to my cheek so he kissed it then he kissed my lips and we started to make out when a voice called out and said Jadelyn and Kyle you have a detention for kissing in front of a door and I tried to get out of the detention so I said I had to babysit and the guy got mad and said fine if you don't want to listen to God... and I said I would glady take it but I need to call my mom is will be worried. and he ripped up the piece of paper and then I woke up.


Friday, September 10, 2010

On The Mountain

Dear Peregrin,

I am in a place on a mountain facilitating my women's circle- A young Native American woman and I get close- there is an attraction between us. I think she is very beautiful and interesting. We talk. I know she is part Native American like I am. I have a very good feeling about this. We discuss skin color and features- and the way of knowing - the way that we each recognize each other. We look a lot alike. At a certain point I say "they " are being problematical these days. I see some people in the distance coming closer. We must be careful not to mention certain things. I have a feeling of confidence, and am aware of transmitting this to the woman, wanting her to know that somehow I've been able to elude "them" thus far. She asks what things? I say. For example, I never use the word witch. It isn't necessary anyway to use that word. I have a sense of the other women gathering in the meeting room behind us. We will go in and join the group.


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Flying and Color

Dear Peregrin,

I'm literally flying by moving my arms. I soar and coast between buildings, I have to flap harder to get over electrical power lines, and the maneuvers get quite intricate and "hairy". It is such a rush. I enjoy it, I am not afraid, it doesn't scare me. I have perfect landings. I fly quite high and notice air traffic all around (planes). I also dream in color. What do these dreams mean?

Color Dreamer

Monday, September 6, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

For two days in a row I dreamt that my boyfriend cheated on me and in both dreams we ended braking up. In real life there was no indication of anything going wrong, we had the perfect relationship. After two days (after my dreams) he calls me and breaks up with me for no reason at all. The reason is a long story but isn't that strange that two days before we broke up, I actually dreamt twice that we did. I don't understand. Could it have been a warning? From who?


Friday, September 3, 2010

Dreamer Knows Best


I had this dream last night and it's lingering in my head. I know that the best interpreation will come from me because I know my life, but maybe you can help me and see if I'm reading my dream correctly.

Here's the dream:

I had made a date with "J," so I was running around looking for a blue condom because I knew that we were going to have sex. I found it and went for my date. When I got to his room and we began undressing. The dream then skips ahead to us dressing. I knew that we had had sex even though I hadn't seen it. I felt no different than I had at the beginning of the dream and the following scenes mainly dwelled on that thought.

What I think:

In real life, I had a crush on "J" last fall. We hung out a lot and it was all good. I then left school because I was going on my study abroad. I didn't talk to him after that and my crush just faded away. That was over a year ago. Then the other day, we had hung out a little and then I had the dream. I think I have something lingering from my crush that I had just put way back in my mind and my dream is now telling me that I need to resolve it and move on with my life.

What do you think?



Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Dear Peregrin,

How can I communicate with someone through my dreams? I have dreamt about this person many times. I want to send messages to him and I wonder if he ever tries to send messages to me.