Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Stranger Outside


I'm 18 and I'm male. I used to live in a bungalow all my life until a year ago when I moved house and into a semi-detached house. Anyway when I was about 7 years old I was still living in the bungalow and I had this dream. The dream was as follows:

I was alone in my home, the bungalow, and it was night time so it was dark outside. It was also raining very heavily. I then went to a window and looked out. When I looked out I could see a figure standing in the rain. I couldn't see their face and didn't know who they were but I think it was a man anyway. For some reason this figure scared the hell out of me and I jump away from the window. I then close the curtains of the window and make sure the window is closed. After that I run around the house and make sure all the windows and curtains are closed. I then check that the door is securely locked. Nothing else happened but I was terrified that this person, whom I didn't know, would somehow get inside with me.

I have had this dream many times since then. I have even had this dream when I moved to my new house but I dreamt that I was still in my old house, in the bungalow. All the times I have had this dream I have never seen who this person is and the person has never got inside the house. I don't know what this means and it is the only dream that I have had more than once. Can you explain it?


Good morning, David.

This dream is very close to one I had at about the same age. In my case, the stranger in question frightened me greatly until he actually approached me, at which time it became clear that he wanted to teach, not threaten.

In my opinion, the stranger is a representation of all the unknown. We are all afraid of it, particularly when, as children, we realize that there is so much of it. We would rather lock it out, and remain in the security of the comfortably familiar.

This may not be the same for you, but I can state with some assurance that it's a mistake to let fear rule your dreams, for dreams reflect your life. I'd advise you to make up your mind to confront this dream-figure. Each night, before sleep, concentrate upon it for a time, and resolve to control your fear. You may learn much about yourself.

Pleasant dreams,


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