Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NOT dreaming about a loved one

Dear Peregrin,

I remember my dreams infrequently (maybe once a week) but those I remember are all about my friends and family (even my uncles, who I am not supremely close to). However, I never (had maybe 1 or 2 dreams in my life) about my boyfriend of almost 3 years. We are (and have always been) in a long distance relationship but talk on the phone almost everyday and see each other usually once a week.

Does not dreaming about him implicate anything?


Good morning, Tiffany.

I rather doubt that it means very much to your relationship that your boyfriend does not often appear in your dreams.

First, the people you see in dreams do not usually represent themselves. Rather, they are aspects of yourself, most of the time. Sometimes a person can represent themselves in a dream, but even then they are only a representation, and tend to show how you feel about that person more than anything else.
Second, you don't remember every dream that you have. In fact, you dream several times a night. It's normally only the last dream of the night that lingers in conscious memory. Who can say what those unremembered dreams were about?

And, the final reason is that my own spouse of 24 years rarely puts in an appearance in my dreams, yet we enjoy a solid, loving relationship that is not long distance in the least.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Thanks very much, you really help bring things into light.