Friday, October 19, 2012

Dog Attack

Dear Peregrin,

I keep having dreams about dogs attacking me. I've had these dreams for about eight years now. I only have them once in a while. Normally I can't remember my dreams but these ones I always remember.

The latest one I had involved me walking down my mother's street and there were two rottweilers one in front of me and one behind me. The one in front of me starts to attack me but the one that was behind me just stands there and barks. Then a dog (don't know what breed) from across the street comes and starts attacking me also. I'm screaming for help but no one hears me.

In these dreams the dogs are always rottweilers except for one time were I was being attacked by wolves. I would like to know what these dreams mean.

Good morning, Lamika.

Traditionally, dog is man's best friend. Therefore, to dream of being attacked by a dog equates to feelings of being attacked or betrayed by a close friend.

If the breed is always a rottweiler, this has a certain connotation. A rottweiler is a breed of dog with a bad reputation for being violent, and is often used as a guard dog or attack dog. In which case, you may feel as if you're on the defensive from someone who is supposed to be guarding you.

Wolves are often (erroneously) seen as wild dogs, and the pack symbolism is strong here. Being attacked by wolves is akin to feeling alone and vulnerable in the wilderness - think of Little Red Riding Hood, for this picture.

The general idea - the feeling of being under attack - doesn't change, but the source of the feeling does change depending upon how you view these dogs. My general guess would be that you have felt alone and on the defensive many times in your life - or at least in the past eight years.

In your most recent dream, you've done nothing to provoke the attack, and no help comes for you. I'm betting that this is probably typical of these dreams for you - you're feeling like a victim.

The real question is why you feel this way, and the dream you gave me offers no clue that I can see. Hopefully you can see the connection.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. Thank you very much for your detialed answer

  2. I had a dream about dogs attacking me as well in the dream i was at my first love house and i wanted to be with her but she had some guy sitting next her then i left out of the room with her and started playing with the dogs then the dogs layed down and i layed next to them for a wile then after like 3 to 5 minutez then i tryed to get up and one of them barked and i got scared and layed back down then finally i summoned up some courage and got up and tried to leave the house and one of the pitbull dogs attacked me. And bit down on my hand but i grabed his bottom jaw with my other hand and pulled him off then after i pulled him off another pit ran up and bit down and locked on my hand and i couldn't get him off for a while then i grabed some close by plyers and got him off then i got out of the house and i looked down and i didn't have the shoes i had on when i went in the house i had a different pair of shoes on then i woke up what could this dream mean ???