Friday, October 5, 2012

Haunted Mansion

Dear Peregrin,

Mom gave me a very old mansion in her will that I never knew about (she isn't really dead but in my dream she was). Richard (my boyfriend) and I moved in there. It had 2 stories and a basement. I never saw the outside of the house in my dream.

I immediately had a party with bunch of my old friends (that I used to hang out with few years ago before we all had a falling out) They all hung out in the garage and the basement hanging around this old yellowish Buick that looked like it was made in late 70's. I saw Tonya (an ex friend that I had a really horrible fight with) sitting in front of the open fridge and eating everything out of the fridge. I felt disgusted at her. The kids trashed the house and ran out after telling them to leave.

Only one stayed behind she was a little Chinese girl I've never ever met in real life. We hit off at the party and she didn't like what they've done. While we were talking we heard things...(I'm deaf in real life but in the dream I wasn't) so we went upstairs from the basement and saw 4 chairs spinning and rocking out of control, we freaked out and took off. Then I found out that the kids from the party somehow triggered them to do that just to scare me because I'm skittish about ghosts.

I saw a closet that I never saw before and opened it and saw there was long stairs going up. I remember thinking IMPOSSIBLE this house can't get bigger as it is. So Leann (my best friend in real life), Richard and I stepped up and saw the new layer of the house was sprawling out on and on to the end of the house, filled with antique, I even found very very old sun clock thing before clocks was invented. Then we noticed we had another floor of the attic and I said I can clean this out and rent these parts out. But there were so many things.

I walked to a glass enclosed box with nothing inside but a blanket. Thought nothing of it and started to walk away then a cat's paw started to poke in to the glass box and waved at me. I stopped and looked and saw 2 cats behind the box one gray striped cat that is about the size as my dog Missy (an American Eskimo dog) and an orange/cream colored cat was laying beside the big one just staring at me. I've never seen them in my life.

Everything in the attic disappeared and all of a sudden we were in the living room eating dinner and the door bell rang and Richard went to answer it and it was Matt (an acquaintance that is a lawyer in my town) giving us dinner rolls and told us he's our neighbor and left. Richard opened the box and showed the rolls to me.

Good morning, Celeste.

That's extremely detailed. I'll do my best.

Most dream symbols represent the dreamer in some fashion, but houses even more so. A house - especially your house - represents you on every level. So it makes sense that you would inherit a house from your mother - she gave you life and instilled your sense of values.

When you move into this house with your boyfriend, this is an expression of how you feel about him. He is so much a part of your life that he seems like a part of you - unlike your old friends, who are stuck out on the peripheral edge of the property. This is an acknowledgement that what they do still affects you, but not nearly so deeply as it used to.

The party they throw is an attitude of irresponsible fun. This is a part of yourself that you either have or want to disassociate - it irritates you that they destroy and consume without regard to the consequences. You don't want to live like that.

The little girl seems very much like an inner child to me. This may mean that you've recently come more into touch with yourself. Her attitudes and emotions are your own - disgusted by the same things, afraid of the same things.

I get the impression that you were not born deaf, but rather lost your hearing later, else you may not know what it feels like to hear and therefore wouldn't dream of it. In any case, it's not unusual to have abilities in dreams that you don't have while awake - people dream of flying, or speaking a foreign language, or playing a musical instrument, all the time.

I find this next part very interesting. You come up from the basement (the lower depths of yourself) to investigate a noise from upstairs (the higher consciousness). What you find there scares you, but only temporarily, till you learn what it really is. Confrontation of the unknown is the best way to overcome fear, and I suspect that this part of the dream shows exactly that. You're overcoming fear and superstition with reason and fact. The anger you feel toward the people playing the prank probably correlates with resentment over a lie, so while you're not afraid because you've learned the truth, you're now angry because you should have been told the truth long ago. The number four may mean that there are four of these lies in your life (so far).

Okay, now - discovery of new rooms in your dream house is invariably an indication of personal growth. Stairs going down would be an investigation of your emotions or desires - the lower self. Your stairs go up - possibly meaning an investigation of your spirituality, or higher education - that kind of thing.

You investigate this new layer of your house - yourself - in the company of the two people who mean the most to you. I think that this is pretty clear, that the people closest to you will help you, or have helped you, discover things about yourself that you never knew.

The items you find in this huge attic probably represent memories. Your first response - that you could clear the space out and rent it - could mean that you think these memories are no longer needed, or it could mean that you think that they could be put to good (profitable) use.

The old clocks and sundials seem to reference time in some way, but hard to tell how. The blanket in the glass box is intriguing. Blankets can represent security, as they make us feel warm and safe. Yours is enclosed in a glass box, which could indicate keeping it safe from the ravages of time, or it could indicate that your feelings of security have been locked away for quite a while.

The cats draw your attention back to the boxed blanket after you dismiss it from your thoughts. Cats are a tricky symbol. Their meaning can vary widely depending upon too many factors - culture, allergies, personal likes and dislikes, even religion. One thing that sprang to my mind here is a cat's "nine lives." It could be that you have felt that you would never feel safe and warm, and had given up trying, but now those feelings live anew - again, due to the people you care most about. This is just conjecture, though - I'd recommend that you think about what these cats mean to you, because there are not many contextual clues here.

Dinner in the living room, rather than a dining room, is a very intimate, family-style setting. You're having dinner with your fiance this is another affirmation of how much he means to you. Essentially it says, his presence nurtures you. When the rolls are brought by an acquaintance, who identifies himself as your neighbor, this part seems to be saying, you can also learn and grow from the other people around you as well - even people who are not a large part of your life - so don't' keep them out of your life completely.

Pleasant dreams,


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