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Hi Peregrin,

This dream wasn't anything I would have really considered that much out of the ordinary other than I've just been asking for a sign on what to do on a past relationship for a while. And the day that I had this dream, I had read my horoscope and it said to pay close attention to my dreams tonight because it could help show the future of a current situation or understanding of it. I don't believe in horoscopes usually; I just find them fun to read. Well, I had totally forgotten about the horoscope until the next morning when I remembered a dream I had had the night before.

In my dream, I was laying on my bed talking to my ex-boyfriend. We were just talking as friends and then he brought up us being together and having a future together. And it was almost a question in a statement. I said "you only want to be with me now because you're not with Amanda"...And he sighed like out of frustration and put his head down and so did I.... Anyways, later on in the dream he asked me if I wanted to come over to his house and I told him maybe but when he was fixing to go, I acted as if I had decided not to go so he left...and as he left I remember feeling this terrible longing of wanting to go with him and wanting to trust him but at the same time I kept thinking no no I'm only second to him. And the dream ended with me standing in my living room looking towards the door.

About what's going on in my life right now. Well, at the moment I'm trying to move on from my ex (the one in the dream)...I had liked him a couple of years ago and nothing happened between us b'c he was hung up on Amanda. Well, I had pretty much gotten over it and accepted nothing was going to come out of it. And then this year, I saw him during the summer and once school started we became close and had been dating until Christmas...We decided we were getting too serious but we were still close and that maybe one day when we were both ready for something serious that things would work out. Well, now he's dating Amanda again. And I'm in the middle of trying to accept it all. He always talked badly about this girl when we were dating, saying that she was only concerned about herself and so i've been really hurt that he went back to her. Do you think this dream really is important? Please help. :)


Good morning, Holly.

First, I need to make it clear that I don't have much of an opinion on horoscopes, or psychics. What I try to do is look at the symbols contained in dreams from more or less a psychological standpoint.

From that standpoint, when you read the horoscope that said to pay attention to your dreams, you did. See, you've been wrestling with this problem for quite some time, and you're looking for a message. Your dreams helpfully provided one.

And this is a fairly straightforward message. It acknowledges all the emotions you must be feeling in regard to this relationship. Yes, you want this guy in your life. But you realize that he's really only using you for comfort when he can't have Amanda. As in real life, so it is in your dream.

The most significant event that I can see in this dream, which may require some explanation, is that he leaves your house without you, even though you haven't decided together that you would not go with him. This shows a couple of important things about your relationship.

One is, there's not enough communication. He does what he wants to do, regardless of what you want, and there's not really any discussion of the matter.

Another is, by leaving your house in the dream, the implication here is that he will walk out of your life. And note this - you will not pursue him. Again, I think this describes what is going on pretty well - your final paragraph made it very clear that you know exactly what's going on in this relationship, and that you realize that it's best to get over him now.

I have to agree. Even without knowing anything about you, I can say that you deserve to have someone in your life who values your relationship more than he seems to do.

Pleasant dreams,


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