Monday, October 1, 2012

Running Deer


Yesterday I had a dream from which I awoke. I dreamed that I was in my bedroom, and outside the windows I saw a flock of deer running. One of the deer jumped up at my window, and I was so scared that he is going to break the window and hurt himself and me. I was so startled, and I woke up. IT was so unexpected that he jumped. Could this dream have any specific meaning?

Thank you,

Good morning, Ella.

When you're watching the deer running outside your window, you're basically removed from the action and safe. When one of the deer jumps at your window, this is then a threat - so long as they're all out there, then everything is fine, but when one of them looks like it's going to invade your space then it frightens you. You'd rather be an observer than a participant.

This general analogy could apply to any number of things in a person's life. I would tend to favor the idea that this dream is speaking of close personal relationships, because of the deer / dear homonym, and also because of the proximity of your dream to St. Valentine's day. If this is the case, then basically it means that intimacy, or love, scares you.

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