Monday, October 15, 2012

Money from Nowhere


I have alot of dreams but recently I keep having money dreams. Maybe it's just that I need it now more than before :). I have not found another job yet and I have been really worried about not being able to pay the bills.

In my dreams money comes from out of nowhere, I dreamed that I was counting money and I was short for the bills and money popped into my hands, then on the ground and I started picking up the extra money and also it was funny because in another dream I was also worried I wouldn't have enough and I was getting in my Jeep and there I found money sticking under my windshield wiper on my jeep of course I woke up and it was all just a dream...

Just curious to know what that may mean?

Thank you very much!
Good morning, Stacy.

There's no doubt that we can dream about something just because we want to - it's called wish-fulfillment.
However, you seem to be having the same theme over and over - you don't have enough money to cover expenses, and then suddenly you do. Not incredible wealth, but enough.

I'm not saying that money will suddenly pop up out of nowhere, but it's possible that you're worrying a bit too much about it. The message I see from these dreams seems to be, things are going to work out. They may also be saying that you have untapped resources, if you can just find them.

Pleasant dreams,



  1. I dreamed about money the color was green and I saw the number twenty and fives and ones it was so clear what does it means.

  2. Good morning, Eva.
    Money tends to symbolize affluence in general, or maybe just the desire for it, because it makes so many things possible. It's also commonly called the "root of all evil," though this is a misquote - actually it's the "love of money" that is supposed to be the root of all evil. It can also refer to time - who hasn't heard that "time is money"?
    The fact is, money - like all dream symbols - is subject to widely varying interpretations. The most important thing of any dream is, how did it make you feel? Emotions, combined with the context of the dream, give the best clues about any dream's meaning.
    Pleasant dreams,

  3. thank you very much for making it clear