Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Finding Love in December

I've read through several of your archives and I am impressed with your interpretations.

I had a dream over 2.5 years ago that is still perplexing me. I know dreams have 'hidden' meaning. Can some be strait forward?

In the dream, I was riding along in a horse drawn sleigh. It was snowing. I was alone. There wasn't even anyone driving the sleigh. It was very peaceful.

This wonderful Divine voice spoke to me, "Do you want to get married?" I couldn't give a good answer, "I guess...maybe...I really don't know." The voice interrupted me with words to my feelings, "You want it to have meaning." I exclaimed, "Yes! That's exactly it!!" The voice then said, "Be there in December. It will be snowing." Then I woke up.

For the past 2 Decembers, I've been very nervous/excited over the possibilities. But, the first year, it didn't snow at all. And the second, the 3 times it snowed, nothing happened.

The funny thing is that my son had a similar dream. He would pray at night for God to find him a dad. One night when we started praying, he said, "Mom, we don't need to pray for a dad anymore. God told me last night that when it rains or snows, we'll find someone nice."

This is making me a little crazy. :) Do I take the dream for face value or is there something else I should be seeing in it?

Good morning, KT.

To answer your first question, yes. The message in a dream can be very straightforward at times - particularly when the dream helps you clarify how you're feeling about some particular issue. It can be rare, but it does happen.

So when you are told by the Divine Voice in your dream that you want a marriage to have meaning, this epiphany was very much in the right. I get the impression from your son's words that you've been searching for marriage, but weren't sure that you really wanted it - at least, not for the right reasons. The revelation in your dream should not dissuade you from looking - it only says that you should be true to yourself first, and not select a mate for the wrong reasons.

Now, as for the second part - the real reason you're writing to me, I'd bet - this sounds like a case of precognitive dreaming, at least as far as I've been exposed to it. Please understand that I have no first-hand knowledge of this type of dream - I've only read cases where it has been known to happen. And you have to be careful about labeling a dream as prescient, because of another type of dream known as wish-fulfillment. Basically, this is when you want something so much for so long that it manifests in your dreams.

So, what I'm trying to say here is, it could be a real Divine Message, or it could be wishful thinking - and I can't tell you the difference. The fact that the first part of the dream told you something real and useful is a good sign that the rest is genuine too. And your son getting a similar message points in the same direction.
But, even if it is a real prediction of the future for you, there remains the problem that you've now gone through three years waiting for the promised event - because no specific year was mentioned. This kind of thing could make anybody a little crazy. And I'll bet it's never occurred to you that December is often used as a euphemism for the latter years of one's life. That seems a little too far in the future to do you much good.

And it seems especially ironic to me, because the central message of the voice seems to be, "Relax, stop worrying about it - things will take care of themselves." Even the carriage has no driver - you just trust in the horse to know where it's going. Giving the horse its head is a little-used phrase these days, but it essentially means to let things take their natural course. Just as the horse will always find its way home, you will find the companion that you are meant for.

You are obviously a very spiritual person. The only advice I can give you is the same as what your dream said: Trust. When the time is right, you will find a suitable companion. Now stop worrying about it and take care of the things that you have some control over.

Pleasant dreams,


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