Monday, October 29, 2012

Winning the Lottery


In my dream I was chatting on the MSN Messenger with a friend and while doing so somehow he overheard on the TV that my numbers have won exactly 1 million and 4 hundred thousand dollars, I am excited about it but not overly excited; I have the big ticket but somehow not the receipt with the results, because apparently that is what I needed in order to obtain the money; they tell me there that I can sue them and that I'll probably win because I am the one who won and that I in fact won 36 million dollars.

Good morning, Biljana.

Dreams of winning the lottery can always fall into the category of "wish fulfillment," because we all want that to happen to us. Dreams have a way of making our wishes happen, because sometimes that's the only way that they can.

With that aside, however, there is a theme in your dream of getting what you deserve. You have the winning numbers, but can't get the money (what's due to you) because of a technicality. Your chat friend urges you to not give up so easily, to fight for what should be yours - which turns out to be much more than you originally thought.

You can see how, by generalizing the dream like this, the same situation can apply to many aspects of a person's life. Essentially, the idea behind this dream is, fight for what's yours. This can apply to a relationship, or a grade, or a job - lots of things. But I'm betting that you already know where this situation applies, even if I don't. 

Pleasant dreams,


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