Monday, October 22, 2012

Plane Crash

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I have a recurring dream since I'm a young girl that I observe a plane crashing from a distance. In the dream I seem to be always within the vicinity of the crash and am greatly distressed by it. When I wake up I'm usually upset. Any idea what this dream means as a recurring dream?

Good morning, Saria.

Childhood dreams are a bit different than adult dreams. To unlock this one, we have to treat it as a child's dream, even though you still have it, because the meaning it had when you were young hasn't changed - your mind is still using the same symbolism.

A plane can mean many things, but among them are freedom, travel, and plans for the future (one popular interpretation for planes is sexuality, but this is overused and not a child's symbol anyway). So when the plane crashes, the thing it represents is seen as being destroyed by events beyond your control. Since you're always in the vicinity, it's either your plane or someone's who is close to you.

Naturally such a thing is upsetting. But it's probably the emotion that's spurring the dream - you'd have this dream, then, every time you're feeling upset about events beyond your control, which seem to mean that you're about to lose a freedom, or one of your plans is being shot down, etc.

Pleasant dreams,


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