Friday, November 2, 2012

Long Foamy Teeth

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had a dream last night where I was looking in a mirror with my mouth open, and I had a enormous number of extra teeth-some large- in my lower mouth-they looked almost grotesque, they were extending into the area underneath my tongue, a very soft white and yellow and there seemed to be a very soft white foam covering some of them. I was touching them lightly with my finger and they seemed to move. Then I was flipping through a photo album with an unidentified blonde woman and looked at many black and white photos of myself where I looked great and happy. Then I came to the only color photograph in the album which was of my ex-boyfriend, wearing a shirt that he had at the time we were together, and I tried to hide the photograph but after I did give it to the woman to look at. What does this mean?

Thank you very much,

Good morning, Dorothy.

The large size of some of the teeth brings to mind the phrase "long in the tooth," a reference to getting older.
However, the location of the extra teeth - beneath the tongue - makes me think that it would be very easy to bite your tongue like that, which makes me think that there's something you want to say but are holding back -- "biting your tongue."

And some of the teeth are loose, as if about to come out, so perhaps your silence will soon end.
I favor the latter translation because of your second dream. At first you want to withhold information, in the form of the picture, but you later relent.

The picture of your ex, then, is representative of what you've been keeping quiet about. If we describe him in general terms - someone (or something) that you used to care a great deal for, which is not a large part of your life now - then perhaps you can determine what he represents.

Pleasant dreams,


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