Friday, January 14, 2011

Sea Cruise

Dear Peregrin,

Out of all the people in my family who passed away, I have had a hard time dealing with the death of my grandfather, I called him poppa. I am 30 years old and he passed away over a year ago. I dream of him about once a month. In this dream my family was on a cruise ship on the way to Canada. Something was wrong with the way it was taking too long to get there so my poppa said that we can swim to shore faster than wasting our time on this ship. He was trying to decide if we should really jump off. Then we both jumped off and swam to shore. We went walking through unfamiliar towns, yet he claimed he knew where he was going and he took me to a few restaurants for a quick sandwiches. He also was holding my hand down the street even though he never would do that when he was alive. He loved me more than the world but was afraid it would "look funny" to other people.


Good morning, Colleen.

I was never particularly close with my grandmother, but she was still such a part of my life that when she died I dreamed of her for years afterward. Your dream speaks to me of regret, for never being able to express the love you felt for the man who taught you so much and always seemed to know his way. So your dreams allow it to happen; in this way you can recover from his death in a healthy way.

Pleasant dreams,


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