Monday, January 17, 2011

Magic Mouth Stuff

Dear Peregrin,

I was given this magic stuff that you keep in your mouth....if you took it out then bad stuff would happen to you. Some friends were in the dream and they had swallowed it, and one had lost a baby. I was afraid to swallow it, and I woke up thinking I did.


Good morning, Jessie.

The "magic stuff" reminds me of secrets...the kind of secret that could hurt if told. However, you have seen that they can also hurt if you don't tell ("swallow" the secret) and don't want to do that, either. In the end, you have to decide to do one or the other.

It can be very difficult to decide whether to tell a secret. Perhaps you can find one person that you trust above all others, someone that you think is "older and wiser," and tell that person about it.

Pleasant dreams,


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