Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Don't Look At The UFO

On Jan. 01 I had a dream about UFOs; this is my first time having a dream like this. Most of my dreams that I can recall doesn't involve UFOs.

The dream started off with me, my little brother and an old elementary school friend. I spotted the UFO first in the middle of the day, and the UFO start to head towards my direction.(The UFO was about the size of a mini mother ship) For some reason I was frightened and went inside, my little brother followed but the UFO took my friend away. The next thing I remember is myself going to my room looking out my window spotting the same(or similar) UFO half way behind a mountain, I noticed other people around the block seeing it and taking pictures, I also wanted to do the same, but I had to go out and take it because it was flying off. Once I had the clear view of the UFO outside again, for some reason it made a U-turn heading back to my direction, I went back inside of course.

This part of my dream started to make no sense to me. A part of my house start to break off and hovered into the sky with the UFO.(In the broken part of the house the UFO took my little brother, my father, and myself, my mother was not in the dream) I was still determined to take my photo, but every time I tried the UFO would attack with lasers. I eventually gave up and had some struggle staying on the safer side of the house, due to the attacks. The part of the house eventually landed in a shopping mall/mini amusement part. The UFO was still following my family so, I scrambled out hiding in the crowd of people, my little brother, and father was not seen again in my dream. I stayed in a store for a while hoping the UFO would have left. As I left the store I still kept walking with groups of people, and staying under a roof.

I eventually ran into a group of five people, I can't recall myself speaking to them in this part of the dream, but it was like we knew each other and had the similar problem with the UFO. At this point I believe I got myself to understand that if I looked at this particular UFO it would come after you. I tried my best not to look up at the sky, but I caught the UFO in the corner of my eye and it started to coming towards my group.(by now the UFO grew in size of wave swinger) We were already lined up on one of the Wave swinger rides, and we all started to hug each other show our true feeling for each other even though we met not so long ago. After that we pushed and shoved in front of the line, getting on the rid so we would be under the Wave swinger, hoping the UFO wouldn't be able to take us. Well it did anyways.

From here it started to get side track and probably isn't important. I'm just wondering what this part of the dream above means.

On Dec. 31 I did take photos of the sky catching something I didn't see up there, but I didn't take it too seriously. Other than that I finished high school not so long ago, and getting ready for College.


Good morning, Zuzu.

The UFO is a fairly straightforward dream symbol. It represents the unknown. It's right there in the acronym - "unidentified." Even when we accept that you're talking about a spaceship, it's still completely unknown...alien...other.

And what we do not know and understand is almost always scary.

I see a lot of these dreams when something is ending and something else beginning. The new year brings them, and also graduation time.

The first person your UFO takes away is an old elementary school friend. Would it, by chance, be someone that you haven't been in touch with for a while? Someone who went to a different school, just as you are preparing to do? That was its first wave. Every time it comes back, it takes a little more away.

What has you dreaming about this is contemplation of your future. Every year brings more changes, and these changes lead you further away from that which is familiar, toward the unknown. We human animals tend to distrust change, fear the unknown. Of course you are excited about going to college, but at the same time you don't want to grow apart from family and friends. The UFO - the future - takes everyone away if they look at it. But the alternative is to always look behind.

Pleasant dreams,


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