Monday, January 31, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I dreamt I was trapped in a lake of some sort with a strong current it was really pulling. All I had to hold on to was a thin rope. There was a ladder extended to the tip of the water and as I came close to grab the current changed and I was put further away while still clinging to this rope -then I woke up


Good morning, Kenny.

A dream about water usually indicates an emotional or a spiritual theme. In your dream, you are pulled this way and that by strong currents - representing equally strong emotional issues. Your thin rope - your "lifeline" - is most likely a single individual to whom you tenaciously cling in order to keep your sanity.

I suspect that you don't know how to feel in your current situation. You feel, as your title suggests, trapped in this predicament and don't know which way to turn. Instead, you are tossed about by the ever-changing emotional tide.

I don't see any symbols to indicate what your exact situation is. A relationship on the rocks is the most common cause of this type of dream, but it can be anything which evokes strong and confusing emotions. However, if you're in a situation like this then you probably already know what it is. It sounds as if you may be depending too much on your one lifeline - this one friend may be distancing himself, and this could be the relationship causing the turmoil. Other friends may provide additional stability.

Pleasant dreams,


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