Friday, January 21, 2011

Robbed by Vin Deisel

'Dear Peregrin,

Hey, for the past week or so I have been have 2 dreams that keep happening within different situations, I thought they were just weird dreams at first, but then I saw a pattern.

The first dream was:

I was my age now and with my friend I went to visit my old neighborhood. A kid approached me and called out my name, I asked him who he was and he told me he used to play by the tennis courts while I played "over there" and he pointed to the steps. So then I crossed the street with my friend and we went up a hill, once we got up the hill the young kid who spoke to me earlier go transformed into a 30 year old and he had 4 friends with him. They started to rob me and my friends, at first they went for my necklace and I begged for them not to take it because it wouldnt have been worth anything, just sentimental value, and they took it anyway. Then they took something from my friend and they wer going to take my ring that my ex boyfriend gave me and I told them to hold on a second. I walked 5 steps backwards and right there, around the corner was a group of reporters. I said help help as the robbers came around the corner and one of the reporters took out a gun. He started shooting and killed the reported while me and my friend escaped. We ran and the scenery changed we went into some really white apartement building and we ran to the top in order to get to the roof but there were no doors. We started going down the stairs and the robbers were going up...we were approx. 1 floor away from each other and I started panicking, then I decided id just try random doors, and on the 3rd try the door opened. I ran into the paratement and there was a man sitting on the couch while his wife was in the middle of the living room talking on the phone. We told them the story and they let us stay.

The next day we decided to go out, and this 5 story building turned into 137 story building. We went up and at every story that we stopped at we thought the robbers were there so we kept pressing buttons in the elevator.

We finally got to the roof and started walking, suddenly one of the robbers said "stop right there" and instead of stopping my friend and I started running, he shot his gun and hit my friend in her behind. Then someone near by called the cops and they got there immediately. they arrested the robbers, out of which one of the was Van Diesel..he was laughing and said to one of his friend something like "I shot her in the ass...hahahaha!" Then I turned to him and said "soon you will be getting it in the ass" and then I woke up half chuckling.

LAST NIGHT I had a dream about someone stealing my watch and my rings, basically robbing me again...

Another dream I had was of my off and on boyfriend. I keep having dreams of him and other girls, especially girls online. Like he talks to them and sends them pictures of his naked self. I am in these dreams too and I tell him that it bothers me, so he tries to hide it from me, and I still discover it somehow. then a few times in different dreams I walked in on him cheating on me, and instead of doing anything I made sure that he saw my face as I walked out...

Now I never really remember my dreams, but for the past week I keep remembering these...



Good morning, Dasha.

The theme which links these dreams seems to be betrayal. Someone steals from you, or cheats on you, and it seems to be someone you know.

You tend to avoid confrontation over the behavior which upsets you - you hide out in someone's apartment, or you do nothing more than let the offending party know that you are aware of their transgressions - but in the end you know that confrontation is inevitable. You feel as if you are completely in the right on this issue and will be vindicated in the end.

I would look for a recent issue involving someone you know, in which you feel wronged. It's not necessarily the boyfriend depicted in the last dream - it could be someone else, but definitely someone that you were once on friendly terms with. Then - and this is the hard part - try to discuss their behavior and how it made you feel.

Pleasant dreams,


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