Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cutting Is (not) Fun

Well the dream i want to question was about 4 years ago but i have not forgotten it and was reminded by a family member when talking about dreams. I was dreaming that there was a man lying next to me in my bed. he woke me up to show that he was cutting his wrist and turned to me and smiled and told me to cut myself. he continuously told me to cut myself trying to hand me a sharp object that i really could not make out. and i can remember that he didn't even become agitated, he just kept smiling and telling me to do it and that it was fun. he got so close to me at one point that i became so uncomfortable i woke up. i of course shrugged it off and went back to sleep but this dream i just can not forget about for some reason and i could not figure out why i would dream something like that.


Good morning, Erica

The man in your bed is encouraging self-destructive behavior. As such, he could represent anyone trying to get you to do something harmful to yourself. This can range from using addictive drugs to buying bad investments.

You're in bed with this man. This can represent someone in an intimate relationship, but it can also be anyone that you're in a business relationship with - one is said to be "in bed with" a business partner or a politician.

The man does not seem angry or evil - he puts on a pleasant face. It is his constant encouragement to cut yourself which puts you off. You know that this would end your life, so this event must correlated to another encouragement to end something.

As to why you had this dream, the most likely reason is that four years ago you were in a situation where someone was trying to get you to do something which did not sound like a good idea at the time. The dream was an illustration of the event in cartoon-like terms. You wouldn't slit your wrists just because a smiling man encouraged it - so you probably should not have done whatever it was that spurred the dream either.

The difficult part is going to be remembering what was going on in your life four years ago. If it were an ongoing issue, you would probably still be having this kind of dream. Whatever it was, I hope you did not follow through with it.

Pleasant dreams,


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