Friday, January 28, 2011

Worms For Sale

Hi there!

I had a dream that I went swimming in the nude in the lake and I saw a sign in the lake by where I was swimming that said worms for sale. So I got out of the water went in a bar near there covered up in my towel and looked for my friends they were gone, but the one had my make up so I thought maybe she left it there. So I looked around for it but the only thing I found was a couple pairs of earings. They were kind of rank though. So I just left them the phone ran and I got it in my dream and then woke up to the phone ringing. Can you tell me what this means?


Good morning, Claud.

I'm going to deal with the easiest element first. The phone rang in your dream because the phone was ringing in your house. When we sleep, we're not completely cut off from the outside world - otherwise alarm clocks would never work. We often incorporate outside stimuli into our dreams.

The lake, being water, represents emotions. You are nude in the lake - indicating that you feel emotionally vulnerable. You are repulsed by the sign, which could have sexual connotations - perhaps you feel pressured into physical intimacy and would rather leave the relationship.
You friends abandon you, one even taking your make up. So it's reasonable to assume that your friends can't or won't help with this problem. You may feel that the relationship is completely over - there is no way to "make up."

You choose not to accept the poor quality earrings - possibly this means that attempts have been made to apologize but you feel that they are not sincere.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. Good morning, yvie.
    Images in dreams have meanings which are not always clear, unless you've studied them for a while. Claud's dream was not about worms - there were no worms in the dream, only a sign indicating that they were for sale.
    However, and I hope you won't take offense at this, if you have to ask how I get "sexual connotaions" out of "worms for sale," then I think that this is one conversation which you should have with a parent, instead of stranger on the internet.
    Pleasant dreams,