Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Rat Maze

Dear Peregrin,

It was a long hallway. White (no colour whatsoever) walls, tanish tiles (assuming this colour even has a name......) can't remember the ceiling at all (was there one?) all along the walls were these metal (aluminium....the kind you find in aluminium bars) door-like slabs. They would open like the bed in an efficiency apartment (e.g. grab handle at top, pull open towards floor) there was no handle, in fact, there were no hinges either. Or even a point in space that separated the door from the wall. it was just there. they would open by seemingly random intervals. and if you happened to be near a door when it opened and went through....I don't remember what you would find but if you tried to back through the same door, you would find yourself in something other than the original hallway. there were lots of people. None of which I recognized save Zel(my best friend) who was there, "Exploring" with me. She didn't say anything, or do anything, or even show any sign of action...but she was there. almost as if I was in a rat maze, and whoever it was, was projecting her image to keep me sane. but the entire......building doesn't fit. perhaps complex? The entire place had the feel of someplace that was used to butcher animals for food. I could hear the other people talking, a mumbling sound of sorts...but no other sounds. not even my own breath. There was also another girl there. She wasn't as prevalent in the dream as Z-, and I consciously didn't recognize her...but she had a uniqueness. she wore colours that the other people didn't. (Z- wore her usual black, and I don't know what I wore...but everyone else wore a pure white T-shirt definable from the walls by texture only, and slacks that had the same effect with the colour of the floor) I can't quite remember what this girl wore...just that it was diffrent. I can't remember much about her, except that she looked Caucasian, but had features more often seen in Asians, brown hair cropped short, almost like a bowl cut. she seemed playful, almost as if she were enjoying my predicament...but not as though she had caused it. It also didn't seem as though she enjoyed me being lost in a endless and unsolvable maze, more like she enjoyed watching me struggle with a problem when the answer was painfully obvious.


Good morning, Damien.

I get the impression from this dream that you feel as if you don't have much control over your own destiny. You take opportunities as they present themselves (doors opening randomly), but the experiences are not memorable, and whenever you do this you find that you cannot backtrack - things are not like they were before. Your friends (represented by Z-) do not seem to be helping, nor does anyone else. Those who seem to have the answers withhold them.

Meanwhile, you seem afraid to make a decision that directly affects your own future.
In a way, life is analogous to a rat-maze, just as in your dream. But when we start thinking of it in this way, we can lose sight of what makes life worthwhile. The answers are not always obvious while we're trying to run the maze, but one place to start is to start taking charge of your decisions. To put it in terms of your dream, choose your door rather than letting it choose you, go through it -- and don't go back to the maze.

Pleasant dreams,


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