Monday, January 10, 2011

My Kitten

Dear Peregrin,

I recently got a kitten 4 months ago..I am an extreme animal lover..I dreamt last night that my kitten died..and we went to bury it,it was this little coffin like casket filled with water that we put the cat into..This is leaving me extremely disturbed and I want to know what it means...Please help!!


Good morning, Katherine.

Because you love your new kitten very much, it has come to represent a duty which you equally care for. The death of the kitten in your dream symbolizes your worry about failing in some responsibility. By putting in a coffin filled with water, you immerse this responsibility in your thoughts and emotions, refusing to let go of it.

This kind of worry can actually interfere with fulfilling your current responsibilities, such as the one you have to your new pet. Of course you have failings - we all do. Learn from your mistakes, and then let them go.

Pleasant dreams,


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