Monday, January 24, 2011

Space Travel

Dear Peregrin,

In the dream, I fall asleep and travel across the universe, totally aware of the distances and speed. I travel past indescribable beauties and star systems. And as I begin to near this particular galaxy, I fall into the stars system and come to a planet, reddish in color, and with lots of white misty clouds. There is another race of beings there and I converse with them, without speaking, more with telepathy. I never remember anything that is said, and I say my goodbyes to them, they always give me something, but I never remember what it is when I wake up. And each time I have had this dream, I wake up very refreshed and rested. The race is tall and gray looking, not at all like the aliens depicted in movies or books. More like senior citizens and not in the least bit threatening. I am never afraid of going there, and I have never had the dream when I don't "fly" back (as I have never awakened before the dream concludes.) I am not in a ship, just my body and I just fly away, and in the dream it is always night time, because I see the stars before I begin flying into space. Am I weird or just have an overactive imagination?

Cybertooth Tiger

Good morning, Cybertooth.

Some people might say that the aliens represent your superego; others may say that you are having an out-of-body experience and that they are your spiritual guides. I say, it doesn't matter; the important thing is that thing that they give you. I think that you keep having this particular dream because you don't remember what it is that they are giving you. There is a message that you aren't getting. Tell yourself, while awake, that you will observe the gift closely, and ask about it if you still don't understand it. The conviction should carry through the next time you have that dream.

Pleasant dreams,


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