Friday, August 3, 2012

Jeep Flips

Dear Peregrin,

In my dream, I was riding with one of my best guy friends in his jeep and I didn't have my seat belt on. Well, we went too sharp around a corner and turned over. I was so sure I was going to get hurt, but somehow I wasn't. I was just really upset. Then Kreig (my guy friend) all the sudden was my ex-boyfriend and he held me and told me everything was going to be ok and I had the biggest feeling of comfort. It seemed to be the feeling I remember the most out of the dream.

Later I dreamed that my best friend and I had went over to my ex's aunt's house and her boyfriend and my ex were suppose to come and spend the night. I waited forever and I was getting really mad. It started raining, so eventually he called and said he wasn't going to come over b'c it was really late. I was really mad because I had went through all this trouble to be with him and it was like he didn't even care. What all could this possibly mean?

umm...I thought that maybe telling you a little about what's going on in my life might help with interpreting the dream. The guy friend that was in my dream is a guy that likes me and we dated for a little while about a year ago. I only think of him as a friend but he still likes me. My ex that's in my dream is a guy that we just recently broke up. We dated for about 5 months. We broke up because he's really confused about his future and since he's graduating this year he wants to make sure he doesn't mess that up...We kept dating for about 2 weeks without being in a relationship before I told him this past weekend that we just couldn't be like this anymore. That once he gets ready for something serious then maybe we can try again. We are still friends, but I've been worried that maybe we'll drift apart. He is a very important person in my life.

Thank you,


Good morning, Holly.

When you're waiting for your ex to show up, and getting angrier every minute that he's late, this is a direct reflection of the emotions you're currently feeling for your ex. He's taking quite a long time making up his mind about his future - long enough that it's beginning to seem as if he doesn't want this relationship to happen. Thus your anger.

The jeep represents your relationship with Kreig. You're concerned that it will go in a direction you don't want - and if this happens you will get hurt. What's interesting here is that, when the jeep overturns, you're not hurt. This could be your subconscious telling you that you don't have to worry so much, which is good considering the seatbelt (representing safety and protection) is off.

When Kreig becomes your ex, this could mean a couple of things. One is that he is taking the place of your ex, which I'm sure he would like to do, based upon your account. Another possibility is that you would feel safer with your ex than with Kreig.

Either way, your feeling of comfort is a key element. The message from that is, things are going to work out all right, either way.

Pleasant dreams,


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