Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Calm for Once

Dear Peregrin,

I am living in Kerala, India. I dreamt of myself in a distant place, northeastern part of India, where I had been before until the age of 16. I can't remember specifically the places name but I am sure I had been there before. I was excited by the place which was so different and silent than the place I live currently. Although there were hustle in these places, it had a silence which cannot be described. I ran along with my brother to a place were there was a temple or a monument of a sort and I commented to him how beautiful it was. Some time later I find my brother fishing near a lake and I join him there and say how nice place it is. I along with my parents and brother go through a market place and quite surprisingly I get a pack of cigarette from the shop nearby in front of my parents which is very unusual if it took place in real life. I am not sure whether they even know that I smoke in real life. But in the dream, they don't react. We reach a living room, possibly of the place there where we live and I take a newspaper and start reading it. I see there are fewer TV channels over there and tell this to my parents and also say it is a nice place to stay back but they just nod and don't speak as such. Then the villagers over there have a game of a sort in a locally built gallery and we all watch what is happening. It seems to me there is a fight going to take place which would be watched by us.

But here I woke up and could not complete the dream

I am an engineer working in a reputed firm. I have a brother who is married. My parents are staying at a place 200kms from my place and I visit them once in 3 weeks. I am trying to make an extra income from the net and am a little gloomy about my career but not fed up actually. I am searching for marriage proposals right now and my parents are a little insistent about my marrying soon and I have absolutely no different opinion. My father's health is not up to the mark and I am a little worried about


Good morning, Manoj.

The predominant theme of your dream is peace. You are constantly commenting upon how nice and quiet everything is - and it's most likely because you're missing that kind of peace in your waking life. There are fewer distractions, no domestic disputes, and the only fighting is arranged for entertainment.

This is the kind of dream I'd expect from someone who really needs to lower the stress in their lives - which seems to be the case, judging from what you've told me here.

Based upon your dream, and your reaction to it, what I'd advise is to watch for choices coming up in your near future, and try to select the one which will lower your stress. This may mean sacrifice in another area, however.

Pleasant dreams,


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