Friday, August 24, 2012

Demon Murder

Well...I can't remember the whole thing, but I remember this bit, and you'll see why in a minute.

I was in this room. This kind of candle lit room, with beige walls, a lot of it was wooden I think. There were two people with me. One was an old man, slumped on the floor. He had a long beard, and wore dim white robes. He was old and weak. The other...person, was strong looking, had dark purple skin, and a tail. I call him the demon from now on. He was very active in the dream, and frequently ran about saying angry things. The old man would try and defend things. Like people. He said something like 'don't hurt them' and the demon said 'they must all die!', running around. I remember standing there, the old man not far in front of me, and hearing the demon's angry rant from all directions. I looked around but couldn't see him.

Then he came back. And he was just as angry as before. There was a woman, dressed in a kind of simple dim white robe like the man. The demon approached her, and lifted his arm as if strained. The woman rose up. He swiftly moved his arm toward a wall, and she flew into it hard. He moved his arm toward another wall, and she flew into that. Into wall after wall after wall. Then he pinned her against a wall, and her face was bloodstained, and she was screaming and crying. The demon then had a knife in his hand. He ran the blade across the palm of his hand, and clenched his fist as he did so. Blood ran between his fingers and his fist shook. He suddenly opened his hand, and the woman's throat slit, bled out and she fell to the floor and died.

I then remember being in a room with about ten other people, where the demon used his power to punch certain people in the face. I think the old man was there. But powerless to help. I don't remember any more. I then woke up.

(Sigh)...I usually get vivid dreams, and have been tempted to email you before, but this time I was a little disturbed.


Good morning, R.

The basic theme of your dream is good vs. evil, and evil seems to be winning hands down. This kind of thing tends to come from a feeling of being unjustly persecuted. The old man is a fairly common symbol for God, and God is supposed to be stronger than any demon, but in your dream he's powerless, indicating that you feel you cannot rely upon authority figures for help with your problem.

I notice that all of the violence is being done to others, with you as observer. This is typical within the last few decades, as television and film have made observers of us all, but it still carries with it a feeling of detachment, as if you're not involved directly in the situation. Also, the scenes of violence in your dream could have jumped straight off the movie screen - again, this happens a lot, especially if vivid dreams are the norm for you.

The demon has several supernormal abilities - he can disappear at will and inflict harm from a distance. So your waking life antagonist is likely not a single individual, but rather an organization - or possibly you don't know who your enemy is. Regardless, I believe that some recent event has deeply offended your sense of right and wrong, and you do not know how to correct the situation.

Pleasant dreams (at least, more pleasant than this),


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