Monday, August 6, 2012

Dreams of Houses

Dear Peregrin,

I don't have a dream I want interpreted, but I have a question regarding symbols in dreams. I have had several dreams about an aunts house, and a house I used to live in. They are both trailers actually. They are on the same land not too far from each other in New Hampshire. The one I lived in is no longer there though. The dreams are always different.

I was wondering if there could be any symbology as to why I am dreaming of those two places? Nothing has ever happened in real life that happens in the dreams. I have had at least two dreams a week in the past 5 months (give or take) that have these two places in them. I live in Florida now, and I have been thinking about going back for a visit. But I have thought about going back to visit for longer than 5 months, so I'm not sure if they are just representing me missing that part of my life. I was wondering if you think that they have some "base" kind of symbolism?

Thank you.

Good morning, Tammie.

Dream symbols can have a base meaning, common to all dreamers. This meaning can vary depending upon nationality, local culture, the individual, and the dream context, which is why I dislike dream dictionaries.
However, a house - especially a past home or the home of someone close to you - does have a strong base meaning, which usually doesn't vary much. A house, to put it simply, is your innermost self - the "place you live."

It doesn't necessarily mean that you should go back there - it can pop up in dreams just because you are thinking about where you come from. I think I'd want some more concrete signs before packing up and moving.

Pleasant dreams,


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