Monday, August 13, 2012

Harry Potter and Britney Spears


I've asked you about a dream before and you were so great that I had to come back to you. Well I had two very vivid dreams last night.

The first one was pretty weird. It was as if I was in the movie Harry Potter. Harry had been killed and I was the most powerful person now. I had taken on Harry's role. I walked into the dining area and the most evil kid and my enemy, Malfoy, said something about Harry's death. He said hahha Harry's dead what will you do now. I was so angry with him. The girl next to him joined in his banter and I went over to them and banged her head hard on the table and walked away. Then there was a big car that turns into a spaceship. I got into it and left.

The other dream I had took place at a Britney Spears concert. Me and my roommate had 3rd row tickets and we were dressed up like her. She was late and did not want to wear the outfit. I forced her to. She finally arrived and we ended up in the front row. Because of our outfits we got to go backstage. We had won a contest and had to perform at a local elementary school. I thought we'd get to meet Britney but we didn't
I know this is alot but I just started dating my now boyfriend 2 months ago and he's my first boyfriend. My parents are really strict and I am not allowed to date. I have dreams of him being at my house (which in real life would never happen) and it being ok. I've also had dreams of him hanging out with my parents. Yet he has dreams of me being mean to him or mad at him. I don't know if any of this means anything but I figured I'd ask.

Well thank you for your time.


Good morning, Sev.

The true measure of how good a job I've done is when someone comes back. Thanks for the compliment.

Your first dream places you in a fantasy setting, in the place of the hero of the story. However, instead of confronting the villain directly, you attack the girl next to him and then, essentially, run away. This speaks of a strong desire to do the right and brave thing, but for some reason you are unable to do so.

The second dream - the Britney concert - is very similar. In this one you do everything right, and win the contest - but you don't get the prize that you expected.

Both dreams are strong in disappointment, leading me to believe that you have some anxiety that things are not going to work out the way you want, even if you do everything you're supposed to do, you feel you won't get what you really want - just something close.

This could relate directly to not being able to date your boyfriend, or it could have another meaning entirely. Either way, what you're seeking is more control over your own life - right now you don't feel as if you have that.

The dreams you're having about your boyfriend sound fairly normal to me - if we can't have something while awake, we'll often put it in our dreams. As you probably already know, I won't comment on his dreams unless he asks me, himself.

Pleasant dreams,


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