Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Snake Bite

Dear Peregrin,

For the last 2 weeks, most of my sleep time has been filled with dreams. I am usually getting 3-4 per night, and they are one right after the other. Usually I have a general idea of what they are about. However, I had this one that didn't contain a lot of information, nor was it very long in nature.

Basically, I was sitting down at a table, not really doing anything and this snake that was white with some black markings (randomly placed and random shapes)came up and bit me on the hand. I looked at it and just removed it and put it down. I was not angry or hurt at all in the dream, it was as if I had this no big deal attitude about it.

That was the end of the dream. Do you have any indication what the message was? Thanks for your time.


Good morning, Christine.

The white snake with random black markings reminds me strongly of words written on a page - especially as viewed in dreams, because generally we don't read in dreams. However, because it takes the form of a snake, this suggests a betrayal - not one that you heard of, but one that your read of, maybe in a letter.

Your reaction to the snake seems healthy to me - you decide that it doesn't affect you, you brush it off, and you move on with your life.

My guess here is that you have recently received some news, possibly in a letter, which could have been hurtful, but you have already distanced yourself from that relationship.

Pleasant dreams,


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