Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Brad Pitt and Smelly Feet

Dear Peregrin,

You must constantly get the weirdest subject headings!

OK, last night I had a dream that I saw someone I used to be involved with, am still in love with, but haven't seen for a year. I had just moved back to NY and saw him. He made a football-maneuver style chart of where I was living and where he is living and said, "Yes, this could work." His hair was longer, he wasn't really showing any love towards me, just being practical (in real life he had trouble showing emotion). In the dream, I kind of just watched him and walked away, but I think I may have still loved him.

Then I was in a living room watching TV at Brad Pitt's house, and I was walking towards the patio. He said, "Why don't you have socks on? There is a reason people keep their socks on." Then he sat me down, told me to fold up a napkin on top of my feet, put licorice underneath that, and put the fire from a lighter on it -- I guess this would stop my feet from smelling or something. He said "rinse and repeat, if necessary" and I said, "Is it that bad?" He said "no" but still I didn't like him for it. I was never attracted to him, in my dream he had one red eye.

Anyway, the only thing wrong with my feet in real life is the back of one foot is completely bleeding from walking so much and wearing new shoes.

I hope this makes sense to you. Thank you!


Good morning, Kristy.

A football play diagram is a rather complex piece of strategy, and an indicator that everyone must do their part in order for the plan to work. To require that level of coordination to make a relationship work seems rather daunting, to me. But in your dream you understand what must be done and seem willing to do it. That, coupled with your feelings that you do love this guy, tell me that you are, indeed willing to work that hard. However, it's a little disturbing that he has trouble showing emotions - that can really be aggravating at times, making one wonder if all the work is worthwhile.

Celebrities in dreams can mean a variety of things, depending solely upon what that person means to you. In this case, Brad Pitt seems to represent a convention that you disagree with or don't like - just as thousands of women find Brad very attractive, but you don't.

You also don't like hearing the advice he's giving (call this "conventional wisdom" - something that everybody knows). I think that the method of odor control used is a dream-reflection of the pain you must be feeling, but the main message is that you have received a minor criticism and didn't like hearing it, whether you needed the advice or not. You find fault with the giver of the advice - the one red eye seems to be saying, hey, I'm half-blind, so what do I know?

It's likely that you have received some minor criticism while awake that you didn't particularly like hearing - probably not about your feet. The euphemism "feet of clay" refers to being human, with human faults. I think that someone has recently pointed out a minor, human fault, and you didn't like hearing it. You may want to consider whether you're being a little over-sensitive about this.

Pleasant dreams,


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