Friday, August 10, 2012

Baby Spiders

Hi Peregrin,

Last night I had a very bizarre dream. I felt a little irritation on my upper arm and lifted my sleeve to see if I had been bitten by something. There was a large red area with many little bumps on it. As I looked more closely I saw that the bumps were moving...something was under my skin. A fairly large spider crawled out of my arm, followed by thousands of baby spiders. Surprisingly, I was not very alarmed by this!! I picked up a paper towel and gently pushed them off of me, but I was trying not to crush them and I remained calm.

That's all I can remember. Any ideas???

Thanks for your time as always!

Good morning, Carol.

This isn't the first dream of this type I've heard. It stumped me the first time, and I'm not sure I'll fare any better now, but here goes.

The spiders start out as bumps in your skin - just under the surface. In another setting, this would be horror-movie material, but you are not concerned. Knowing that emotions are the key factor in understanding dreams, I'd have to say that this sounds like burgeoning thoughts or emotions - an inspiration or epiphany that hasn't quite happened yet.

If this is the case, then what's bitten you can be related to something like curiosity, or perhaps an obsession. We often talk about somebody getting bitten by the writing bug or the crafting bug, to explain a newfound strong interest in the topic at hand.

Anything that comes from your body can be seen as your "child" -- in other words, your own creation. So these spiders - especially since they do not frighten you in the least - are such a creation. This is also evident in the fact that you do not want to harm them - only to get them off your arms - or, "off your hands."

What's left is to determine what the spiders actually represent here. Let's look at what spiders do - they spin webs, they kill bugs, they are sometimes seen as dangerous but that's not the case here - they are annoyances, because of the irritation on your arm, but nothing more.

So this sounds to me like a work-related dream. Having started several projects which could become ongoing, you would like to offload at least a few of them because the continued responsibility is a little irritating.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. I had a dream last night that I was scratching my head and arms and I had little bumps on my hands. As I examined the bumps, they were moving under my skin. I was horrified as I somehow knew they were spiders.... I was not angry or wanted to kill them, I just wanted them out of my body. They were crawling on my scalp too, I could see them moving and feel them across my head... I squeezed the bump on my arm and hundreds of little spiders came pouring out.... I begin to frantically squeeze parts of my arm and let the spiders out.... I was definitely freaked out.