Monday, July 30, 2012

When Firemen Attack

Dear Peregrin,

First I have to say that dreams for me are extremely rare.

In this one I was in a fire hall at first and not sure why. I was then outside seeing several building burning. But none of them that I could recognize and I mean even in shapes (i.e. a house or warehouse?). Moments later I was like attacked by a fire truck on fire it self. For some reason after this I ended-up hiding with my two sons, with me in some bushes, from what it looks like the fireman that walked out of the burning fire truck that tried to run me over.

It was really strange. Especially, like I said, I never dream. Or if I do, I do not remember them.

Thanks for your time!


Good morning, Al.

Buildings on fire tend to suggest dire emergencies, but if you couldn't tell what kind of building then it's difficult to pin down. It could merely represent a general feeling that things are falling apart.

What's significant here is that you're attacked by the fireman. This is someone who's supposed to protect, but is instead making the matter worse. Or, at least, this is what you feel is happening to you.

You're hiding with your sons, but I don't see your spouse mentioned anywhere, so it could be that the hostility that you're feeling comes from that person - but definitely it is someone who's supposed to rescue you from danger, who is instead endangering you further. Whether it's true in your waking life, or you just feel that way, either way there's a problem. If you're in an abusive relationship, perhaps it's time to end it. But if this is a temporary feeling, then talking it out with the person in question can do a world of good.

Pleasant dreams,


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