Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yellow Parachute

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had another strange dream last week and have suddenly remembered it entirely.

I was back in my old house and walking into the basement with my sister. When I got there, the basement was huge, very bright (sunlight coming in from the sliding glass doors)-but unfinished (the walls were drywall and the floor was pure cement-we fixed our basement in 1989), and with very soft cobwebs and dustballs all over the floor. I went over to the sliding glass door and watched a man in a yellow lycra suit come down into my backyard on a large yellow parachute. Then I slid back the door and stepped outside, it was windy and there were many letters (mail) flying in the air before dropping on the patio. Then I turned around and my ex-boyfriend stood watching me from over the next door neighbour's white picket fence (in real life it's wire) and I pulled my head back because he seemed hostile. He was standing there with a male figure.

What does this mean?

Thank you.


Good morning, Dorothy.

If you dream of a house, then 9 times out of 10 the house represents you in some way. This is because houses imply, "someone lives here," and since you're the one dreaming, that someone is you.

You're in the house with your sister, so this references a common bond between the two of you - possibly something in the past. The basement is unfinished, which both confirms the idea that the dream is about some past event, and refers to a foundation which is not complete - possibly the foundation of your relationship with your sister, or family in general, or maybe with other women.

Your parachutist is dressed in yellow, and his parachute is the same color. Now, the meaning of colors vary widely depending upon one's culture. I've seen references to healing from New Age works, references to happiness from Asian cultures, and of course there's always the popular phrase "golden parachute" from today's business world. Colors also vary depending upon the individual, so you'll have to decide for yourself what it means - I can just tell you that the color is significant.

The letters blowing all around are a direct reference to messages, or possibly answers (blowing in the wind). They drop on your patio - they are your messages. But you dont' pick them up, out of fear of your ex - an element that is no longer a part of your life, so it shouldn't affect you - but it still does.

He stares at you over a white picket fence. Fences of this type imply good neighborhoods - nice, old-fashioned appearances. But the phrase "picket fences" brings to mind secrets as well - the idea that those nice appearances hide malicious intentions.

Your ex is in the company of another male, so you're feeling this hostility not from him specifically, but from men in general, or at least a large group of them. Rather than confront the hostility head-on, or at least claim what is rightfully yours, you retreat inside yourself.

When someone is being controlled to this extent by their own fear, the only advice I can offer is to try to overcome it. Your dream seems to be saying that you're on the verge of something very important in your life, but if you continue to hide in this manner your chances for happiness decrease.

Pleasant dreams,


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