Monday, July 16, 2012

Man or Woman?

Dear Peregrin Walker,

I had a bizarre, unsettling dream last night: I was led into a motel room (which really seemed like a cave, with round warm coloured walls and lots of brightly, glowing light) by a fat woman with long dark curly hair who looked Italian. She fastened the gold deadbolt lock on the door and informed me that she was going to have intercourse with me. Although no penetration took place in the dream, and at one point I was above her and looking down at her penis which was small and red. Then suddenly she ejaculated onto the front of my white panties and I got up disgraced and ashamed, and tried to leave the room, afraid she would tell people (and that the man I like in reality would find out).

I remember feeling in the dream she was supposed to represent a man, and at the start of the dream believed/related to her as a man although she physically was not. I would like to say that this dream is 100% true and I am a heterosexual woman.

What does this mean?


Good morning, Dorothy.

Most people get confused about sexual dreams because they forget that the people and events in a dream are symbolic - often just a representation for something else. You've shown that you understand this, but we need to take it a little further.

The woman, as you suspect, does represent someone or something else - obviously, you've no interest in intercourse with a woman and even if you did, the experience wouldn't be like that.
You also should remember that the act of sex itself is probably representative of something else as well. Sex is often about power, and this is what this dream sequence reminds me of - a sort of power struggle. You are over her (suggesting that she is someone who works for you), but she has the penis, which is nearly always associated with power. During the act (struggle), she stains your panties - symbolically white, meaning pure. This sounds like it is your reputation which is actually being sullied.

In your dream, you seemed to enter the situation willingly - you didn't mention being coerced, and the woman told you up-front what her intentions were. So, to me at least, this dream seems to be a warning - you are to watch out for a proposal of a partnership, which involves some kind of close relationship. You could end up getting screwed, and will regret your decision in the end.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. thank you very much, peregrin! you always seem to make odd things make sense.