Wednesday, July 18, 2012

God and His Horse

Dear Peregrin,

I was meeting with a very old man. I had never seen him before and we were sitting outside in a place that was very old and beautiful. The trees were big and old and hung over like they were trying to listen to our conversation. The old man had a kind face that I could only get small glimpses of and could never really see even though we were no more than 2 ft apart. He had white hair and long white robes on they were long and very clean. His aura seemed to glow a soft white hue faintly tinted by all the colours.

I don't remember what he was saying to me but I was asking if he was God. I remember only him smiling and then a white Horse sliding its face up beside mine. It was soft and he was very sweet. He was all white like the man and he nudged me I closed my eyes and rubbed his face as it pressed against mine. When I opened them the man and the horse were gone. Even though I was all alone I felt this amazing sense of calm and knowing that I had never had before. (not the dream).

My mother is an atheist, so I was never raised with an organized religion of any sort. In my childhood until now (early 20's) I have found and followed a pagan path choosing to somewhat reject the ideas of Christianity. My boyfriend is Catholic and the rest of my family is Christian or Anglican... I have recently been feeling lost, religiously, not knowing where my beliefs lie... I don't know if this dream is trying to tell me that I am on the right path, or that I am on the wrong path... or that maybe it was god in my dream... I have been feeling guilty for not believing in him or her the way that I should be (bible and whatnot) I believe there is a presence there always.


Good morning, Kimberly.

Being somewhat agnostic myself, I don't feel qualified to offer religious counseling, so I intend to stick to the dream itself.

In my opinion, you had this dream precisely because you have been feeling lost religiously. Whenever anyone feels lost in this way, they are seeking God in some manner - therefore you found God in your dream.

Again in my opinion, you didn't get a clear look at God's face because, ultimately, it doesn't matter what face God has. What matters is the sense of calm that you felt in the presence. I take this sequence as meaning that your specific path does not matter so much as the goal.

The horse could have a number of meanings. It can be taken as an intermediary between yourself and God - since you cannot touch the Creator, you can touch the Creation instead. It can be representative of the nature-based religion which you have been following. If this is the case, then the coexistence of the two in one place could actually mean that rejection of one or the other is not necessary - all Paths lead up the Mountain.

And, personally, I would be wary of anyone who tried to get me to reject any particular religion in favor of their own. In the end, only the Seeker knows what is right for her.

Pleasant dreams,


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  1. youre amazing!! thanks for being there for us bud