Wednesday, July 11, 2012

I Can't Eat That

Dear Peregrin,

My recent dream that I can remember was about dogs old and ready to be put to death. My husband said to me why not eat your dog I will kill it. I said to him I cannot eat this pet I loved for so many years. He said you will eat the other dog but how can you not eat your own. And then I woke up. Tell me what this dream means.

Thank You.


Good morning, Antoinette.

To most people, to eat a beloved pet is far too close to cannibalism for comfort. This is purely an emotional reaction, but a common and valid one. In your dream, your husband puts forth a practical idea based solely upon logic - eating the animal would be less wasteful, especially if you aren't averse to eating other animals of the same kind.

So what you have here is an internal struggle between reason and emotion - you are of two minds about an issue and are trying to weigh the arguments. In your dream, you internalize the emotional argument and externalize the logical, which gives me the idea that you are leaning toward following your heart on this issue.

So what's left is to identify the issue. Pets are usually some type of responsibility. A pet about to die would then be a responsibility that's about to come to an end. You have a choice concerning it - one option practical but unsavory, and the other emotionally satisfying but possibly more costly. You seem to be leaning toward the latter choice.

Pleasant dreams,


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