Friday, July 20, 2012


Dear Peregrin,

Recently I have been have dreams, 2 or 3 times a week, about being raped. This particular dream I'm going to tell you keeps recurring. I'm at Burwood shopping centre with my friend. We are leaving through the car park when her older brother and his friend chase us both. She runs away and her brother grabs me and takes me to a park and he and his friend rape me. The security guards at the shopping centre see them grab me and hear me shout for help but nobody comes to my rescue. They continue to chase me until I come to my grandmother's car and seek safety in it.

I started dreaming these after our school broke up for holidays, a few weeks before Christmas and I have them about three times a week. Nothing out of the ordinary has happened in my life since my grandfather died in October. Mum and I have not been fighting as much as we used to but there have been a few disturbing events in my area, such as stabbings and kidnappings.


Good morning, Kimberly.

As we've all heard over and over, rape is not about sex - it's about power. To be the victim of rape in a dream is representative of feeling completely powerless and violated. This happens, in your dream, with people who are associated with your friend - people one step removed from you, but not exactly strangers. So, it is someone like this who is victimizing you.

It's telling that you seek safety in your grandmother's car. I suspect that your grandfather's death hit you harder than you realize - that, perhaps, you felt safe with him around, and this feeling is lost. Now, you don't know where to turn.

I'd guess that you seriously need to form some stronger bonds with your remaining family. Since you've been fighting less with your mother, this could be a very good time to strengthen your relationship with her. In any case, find someone to trust.

Pleasant dreams,


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