Monday, July 23, 2012

French Lodge

I think that I had a fairly typical dream last night but it was unusual for me for a number of reasons. I had a sex dream about an ex-boyfriend. It's not unusual for me to dream about him--that's happened for years. However, we just talk in those dreams...and we usually have very good conversations about what's happening in our lives (lots of symbolism too). It's also not usual for me to have a sex dream about anyone. I dream quite vividly, very colorfully, just not usually about that subject.

What I remember is that we were with a group of people, perhaps at some kind of retreat (it has a lodge feel), and my ex and I were not together at the beginning of the trip (he may have been with someone else). Then, we went into this French White, antique filled, shabby chic bedroom and started our relationship again. I was worried about what others would think but I enjoyed being with him.

In real life, I recently moved halfway across the country to start a new job and it's not working out well at all. I haven't been in contact with my ex in six years but he was married with a son. We have not dated in twelve years. I am single, never married. My career has taken up much of my time.

When I've dreamt of him in the past, I have always had this feeling as if it were a real connection with both of us just needing a friend to talk to. That's why this one has thrown me for a loop!

Any advice you could give would be most welcomed.

Thank you,


Good morning, FloralQueen.

An ex-bf in a dream can actually represent any number of "ex" things - a job, an old friend, a car you just sold - basically, anything that isn't in your life anymore, probably something that you miss having in your life.

Sexual dreams can certainly come from sexual frustration, but they can also have their origin in any desire to grow closer, become more intimate (even in non-sexual ways).

In your dream, you are eager to resume the relationship, in spite of what others may say or think. This, to me, speaks of a desire to go back to something you once had, even if you know (or are being told) that it would be a bad idea. This could very well be happening because of leaving your previous home to work in a job that is not going well - you miss what you once had.

Pleasant dreams,


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