Friday, July 13, 2012

Fear and Shame

Dear Peregrin,

Last night I dreamt a very strange dream. I was dreaming that I got mother of a healthy son. I called him David. But I was very confused about this situation because I was fearing this responsibility about the life of this child. Then I saw this boy of an age of about 5-6. My parents and one of my friends who I adore where helping me to handle it and I felt really ashamed that this guy who does everything for me is not the father of this boy.

In my real life I'm unemployed now and I try to break down with the life I was living until now. My intuition tells that this way is the best one. I have nothing to lose and I think that maybe it's a best way to try my luck somewhere else.

Could it have anything with it ?

Thank a lot for your help


Good morning, Michelle.

In dreams, babies tend to represent new responsibilities - just as you already seem to suspect. The fear you feel for being responsible for this new life is a direct representation of fear you are feeling about a new responsibility in your life - you don't know whether you are up to it.
When the dream skips ahead, it's showing you that the new responsibility will work out okay - maybe you can't handle it all on your own, but you have plenty of help available to you.

Now, however, your fear turns to guilt and shame because of the help you're getting. I see this as a conflict of emotions, which may be the source of your current stress - you fear taking on the responsibility without help, but you are ashamed of accepting help.

The way I see it, we all need help sometimes, and if someone else cares enough about you to offer it, the best course of action is to accept it gracefully. Repay the help if you can, or else help someone else in need.

Good luck with your change in career, and pleasant dreams.


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