Monday, July 2, 2012

Class Advocate

Dear Peregrin,

I had a dream last nite that the man I'm in love with, David, was a college professor of mine. We were in class one day and he was asking questions to the class to prepare for an upcoming test. In the description of a job (custodial), *shrugs* David left out one key characteristic during the lecture and expected us (the class) to know it for the test saying that it was our responsibility as students to get the right information for the test.

Well, that's when I kicked in as class advocate and gave him a piece of my mind, telling him that it wasn't fair that we should be responsible for something we knew absolutely nothing about. I kept saying that it wasn't fair. The debate seemed to go on for awhile. But he gave in to my point of view. I spoke with him last nite on the phone. We weren't in disagreement about anything.

Oh, the description of the room. Well, the classroom was set up in an auditorium type place, dimly lit and he was in the front of the class behind a lectern. Behind him was a large greenish blackboard. I don't remember how we were dressed.

Please tell me what this means?


Good morning, Nneka.

Even though you're not in any kind of real-life argument with David, it's still possible to feel as if something is being held back. Sometimes people we're close to expect us to be a little bit psychic - to know what they need or want even though they never say it - and that can spark off a tiny bit of resentment.

In this dream, it seems that he just didn't consider that you needed the missing information, but once you told him about it - and stuck to your guns - he relented. This suggests a few things. It's possible that David is older than you, or at the very least acts like it, and is used to being in charge of things. You may prefer it this way as a rule, but you should always remain your own person and be vigilant for the missing information - the things he didn't think of.

I also find the repeated custodial reference interesting, as if caretaking is an important part of this relationship. Is it possible, then, that there are things he expects of a spouse that he hasn't related to you? If the two of you are considering a permanent relationship, of course you'd need to know about any expectations - and communicate yours, as well.

Pleasant dreams,


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