Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy New Year, Helen


I had a dream last night about Helen Hunt and I want to know what it could mean. I don't know Helen Hunt at all. She's just a character on a show and in some movies I've seen...anyway...we were standing outside a building and we were both leaving. I gave Helen a romantic kiss and whispered Happy New Year in her ear. It was a nice dream, but what could it mean?!

Thanks, Jessica

Good morning, Jessica.

The New Year is all about fresh starts. It's when we wipe the slate clean and make promises to do better in the coming year.

The two of you are "leaving the building," an expression which usually means you aren't coming back - you're officially gone.

The romantic kiss implies an embrace, so it probably refers to bringing something closer into your life - something represented by Helen Hunt.

If all she is to you is a character on a screen, then I'd look at those characters and those shows, to see if any fit what's going on in your life. For example, one of her big movie roles was the lead female in "What Women Want." So, if we put that together with what we already have, what we come up with is this:

You're leaving a part of your life behind for good - perhaps a former relationship - wiping the slate clean. Instead you intend to concentrate upon embracing what you consider important to your own happiness.

Pleasant dreams,


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