Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Broken Heart

Dear Peregrin,

Hello, I had this strange dream yesterday. I dreamt of my exgirlfriend (went out for a year then broke up 3 months ago). I dreamt I kept seeing her everywhere I went. but everytime I saw her my heart was hurting. I could actually feel being heart broken. The whole dream was about seeing her at different places, sometimes she was with another guy and sometimes just with friends. She was always wearing the same pink shirt that she wore often when we went out. The thing about this dream is that the feeling of being heart broken was so strong that when I woke up I actually felt like the hurt was real, like I was actually sad. now we have been broken up for a few months and we have both moved on, and this is the first time this happens. Let me know what you think. Thank you


Good morning, David.

A few possibilities occur to me as I read your account. The most likely, in my opinion, is that this dream is an emotional memory, from how you felt when the break-up was fresh. It could have been spurred by some recent event which made you sad or reminded you of your ex, or both. See if you can recall some recent incident.

It is also possible that you didn't deal with your feelings at the time of the break-up, and have only now become ready to face how it made you feel. Sometimes we'll get a sudden burst of regret when we fully realize that a relationship is over, even if it ended months ago. If this seems right, then you should spend some time remembering the relationship, and then consciously let it go.

You may also want to consider that you might have had some indigestion overnight, as unromantic as that sounds. A bit of chest pain, felt while asleep, can remind you of the feeling of having your heart broken, and dredge up the memory of this emotion. This one should be easy to check, if you can remember what you ate the night before.

Good luck, and pleasant dreams,


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