Friday, March 18, 2011


Dear Peregrin,

I enter the room of a doctor and see, that my ex-girl-friend is lying there on a table. The doctor takes her heart out of her body and put it away. Then he says, that I can take her home. I ask him, when he will put her heart in her body again and he says "never". I say "But without her heart she cannot live" and become very angry. I attack the doctor and beat him. Then I throw him out of the window. I take the girl and go out with her. Suddenly I remember, that I have forgotten to take her heart with me. I say "Wait for me here, I go back and fetch your heart". As soon as I have arrived in the doctors room I search for the heart. Though I know, where it is, I do not look at the right place. I search in the cabinets and in the shelves, but I do not find the heart. After a time I become panic and I search and search. "Without her heart she will die, I have to find her heart" I say to myself, but I cannot find it. Then I break down and cry. I cry so much, that I wake up with tears in my eyes........


Good morning, AMC.

It sounds to me as if you haven't yet gotten over this ex. Someone else has her love (taken her heart), and even if the other guy were out of the picture (throwing the doctor out the window), she may never love you again (can't find her heart).

Pleasant dreams,


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