Monday, March 14, 2011

Spiders Attack

Dear Peregrin,

For the last couple of nights I have had the same themed dream. In the first dream I was sitting in my garage with my husband and dog. My husband pointed out that there was a huge black spider on the floor, and that it was some species that I don't recall right now. It didn't look like a spider, It looked like a type of flower. I also thought that the spider was dead. But, in the next scene it was running and my dog was very curious running after it. I was yelling at her to come back to me, but my husband was watching it going after her.

The next dream was about a white spider that was not in a cage or anything, it was on a table in my driveway. Again, the spider starting running after my dog, and again my husband didn't think there was any danger. This time the spider bit my dog. The next scene was me walking through or into what seemed to be a very large opening that appeared to be almost tropical, and although I didn't actually see any spiders I knew that they were there.


Good morning, Camille.

Pets usually represent responsibilities, dependents, or "pet" projects. The spiders represent a threat to that responsibility. You don't have a clear handle on what the threat is, thus the spiders change color or are even unseen. It is most likely something that you thought you had already taken care of (you thought that the spider was dead).

Others in your life, whose opinions you value, do not believe that the threat is as serious as you do. This does not mean that you are right, or that they are right; this only means that this is how you feel. For your own peace of mind, you may want to review any large problems that you believe you have dealt with recently, and "make sure that the spider is dead."

Pleasant dreams,


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